Government is not able to fight Covid, shifting the blame on farmers: SKM

Farmers are already living in the open space and with physical distancing. The administration has set up vaccination centers around the dharna where farmers can go and get vaccinated.

Farmers at Sheopur Chakka Jam. Credits: Naidunia

Farmers movement is at its 148th day and farmers are making every bit attempt to carry on protest with covid guidelines.

In yesterday’s meeting, it was decided that proper sanitization and cleanliness will be ensured at protest sites of farmers. Masks and other essential equipment will be distributed to the farmers. The administration has set up vaccination centers around the dharna where farmers can go and get vaccinated. Farmers will have to take the covid test after observing symptoms. Farmers are already living in the open space and with physical distancing. Samyukta Kisan Morcha is equally fighting against agricultural laws as well as against Corona.

BJP MP Parvesh Verma had on Tuesday night alleged that transportation of medical use oxygen into Delhi was hampered due to the road blockade caused by protesters.

The Samyukta Kisan Morcha dismissed the allegations as false and said to media the next day that they have kept a way open for emergency services since day one of their agitations.

Inhuman and irrational to compare farmers’ protest with electoral rallies

In the Corona Lockdown, when everyone was imprisoned in homes, the government imposed “anti-farmer and anti-people agriculture laws” on the country, looking for “Aapda me Avsar (Opportunities in Crisis)”. Instead of focusing on health services, the government made all efforts to keep the corporate houses happy. Even today, elections are important for the BJP and not the people of the country. BJP has a choice whether to hold an election rally or not, but the farmers have no way but to protest. The farmers will withdraw their protest if the government withdraws the farm law and enacts a law on MSP.

The government has failed to fight Corona. The government should prove how many people have been diagnosed with Covid due to the farmers’ protests, instead of spreading false propaganda against the farmers. The corona epidemic was also used against farmers last time and is still happening.

Academicians, lawyers, journalists wrote a letter to the government and SKM

Eminent academicians, lawyers, intellectuals and other pro-people personalities of the country have written to the Central Government and the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, calling for dialogue again. A copy of this letter and the names of all the intellectuals who signed it are attached to this note.


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May 2024


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