Opposition Slams Modi Government over Migrants Train fare issue

Opposition leaders question the PM-CARES fund and why the ruling government cannot bear the cost of train fare for the labourers who are walking a long distance to reach home.


After opposing the ‘Aarogya Setu’ app the congress party has once again questioned the Modi government for collecting train fares from the stranded migrant labourers to go home.

In a tweet on Monday, Rahul Gandhi said “On one hand the Railways is extorting ticket fare from labourers stranded in different states, on the other hand, the Rail Ministry is depositing donations of Rs 151 crore in PM Cares fund. Please solve this puzzle.”

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After the centre announced the special Shramik Trains for the migrant labourers to return to their homes, they also released a set of guidelines which asked the state governments to collect the railway fare from these labourers.

After the centre’s announcement on Sunday, congress party member Sonia Gandhi expressed her grief for the migrants and others who were stuck in different states because of the lockdown. She announced that the Congress party will pay the expenses for the labourers who are returning homes throughout India.

Sonia Gandhi said that this was the party’s decision and this would be the Congress’ humble contribution in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with these workers.

Sonia Gandhi also accused the Modi government and the Railways of completely ignoring the demands made by Congress for ensuring the safe and free travel of migrant workers and labourers to their homes.

After the letter from Sonia Gandhi to PM on Apr 7, demanding the transfer of all money under PM- cares Fund to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) to “endure efficiency, transparency, accountability and audit,” The Congress party has now questioned the Indian Railways and Modi government about the funds that were given to PM cares and the donation of 151 crores to the PM cares fund on one hand by the Indian Railways and on the other hand, they have asked the migrant labourers and workers to pay to the railways to go home.

In a tweet the Karnataka Congress party has said that first, we opposed the centre’s decision of charging the migrant labours, then we requested them, even after that we had to step out on the road and then the Congress party by themselves have written off 1 crore cheque as the pay to the KSRTC fare for the migrant labourers travelling in Karnataka.

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray had also tweeted late on Sunday and requested the central government to not charge railway fares to migrant labourers returning home.

He tweeted saying that these labourers are from extremely poor backgrounds, “They have been financially affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Taking a humanitarian approach, the Railways should not charge them ticket fare,”

People’s organisations have also sent out letters to Prime Minister and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal requesting that fares on the special trains facilitating inter-state travel for migrants during the nationwide lockdown be waived off. The letter reads, “ in this time of trouble the decision to charge even more railway fare than normal is not judicious.”

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav said in a tweet- “It was highly shameful that the BJP government was charging the vulnerable labourers for the train ride home. Migrants travelling back home being asked to pay for the train rides by the BJP government is highly shameful. It has become clear today that the ruling government waives loans for capitalists and businessmen and supports the rich. It works against those who are poor. At the time of crisis, exploitation is done by money-lenders not by the government.”

Along with many opposition parties and state officials and as well as the civilians have disapproved the central governments move and have been asking the centre to bear the cost.

After the opposition from all corners, today noon, news agency PTI tweeted that Railways will now subsidise 85% of ticket fare of the  migrant labourers and state government will pay the remaining 15%




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