You (Modi-Shah Government) are the Culprit, Says an Eye Witness From the Singhu Border

The entire Paid TV media has been showing footage of the effect of vandalism

Credit: Naanu Gauri Team
What did you expect ? Did you think the 20,000 armed forces, the famed police force, the anti-riot squads and the CRPF could not stop a few hundred jokers that breached the Red Fort ? You think your tough man, the Home Minister, sat in meditation while the farmers broke into his bastion ? Don’t you see this is a dangerous conspiracy to sabotage the Farmers’ protests ?
I was at Singhu border on January 25, 2021 night when a faction of farmers, who were not part of ‘Samyukt Kisan Morcha’ of 40 Farmer Unions, suddenly announced that they would not follow the Tractor Parade Route decided between the authorities and SKM; and that they will do their separate parade.
Credit: Naanu Gauri Team
Deep Sidhu, a known BJP mole suddenly appeared on stage with an extremely provocative speech promoting separatism to sabotage farmer protests. Hundreds of us were witness to this live and not one of us slept a wink that night trying to estimate the impending danger of this dangerous turn. I could hardly breathe.
On January 26, 2021 the Farmers parade was to start at noon but I had already received a message the night before from a person who was to accompany me, that a media insider had told her that ‘action would start early in the day ’.
Now I am wondering, how she knew that ?
True to her ‘insider tip’ a faction of farmers (not part of SKM) appeared on the border at 8 AM as did the strategically placed empty DTC buses and other vehicles – so that ‘Public Property’ could be damaged conveniently and captured on Camera. The entire Paid TV media has been showing footage of the effect of vandalism. They reached just in time too  And in the most filmi way, a faction led by the BJP mole Deep Sidhu gets immediate access to Red Fort Building! That too on Republic Day!
Are we so silly and naive ? Is this a Netflix soap opera ? Can you imagine, an incident like this happening without the involvement of Agencies?
And then a religious flag ( Nishan Sahib)  is tied on a pole in Red Fort to prove that all the farmers are Khalistan Supporters – a narrative Government is trying so hard to push from the very beginning. All 40 Kisan Unions, innocently started their Tractor Parade on the route agreed between them and Government at the scheduled time. Along with a group of friends, I witnessed this peaceful Tractor Parade for hours together. People of Delhi were showering flowers on them.
Credit: Naanu Gauri Team
Not a single National Channel Covered this official parade. To cut off the social media streaming -the Internet was strategically blocked so that the live feed from SKM’s channel was cut off from the rest of the country! And look at the FB worms running out of their closets to send their ‘congratulations for the violence’ messages to me! The day is mine as much as it is anybody’s. It hurts immensely to see simple, gullible farmers who travelled from far away places, decorated their tractors, bought new clothes to make their own parade, being made pawns of your dirty politics. Hurts to see your dirty politics smear the sanctity of our 72nd Republic Day.
YOU are the culprits. Not them.


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June 2024


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