Defeat crooked strategy of converting Karnataka into UP: Karnataka Rakshana Vedike

The government could have intervened soon after the controversy broke out and resolved it amicably. Instead MPs, and MLAs were seen making inflammatory statements.

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TA Narayana Gowda, President of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, a pro Kannada organisation has appealed to the citizens of the state of Karnataka to defeat attempts of converting Karnataka into Uttar Pradesh.

He stated that the controversy that has erupted in Karnataka’s school colleges is malicious and threatens the peace, harmony, and coexistence of various communities in the state of Karnataka.

What is the reason behind the problem that started in a college in Udupi spread to the entire state? Which are the organizations that have conspired to create a riot and threaten peace all across? Do they have the government backing them up? The government could have intervened soon after the controversy broke out and resolved it amicably. But Ministers, MPs, and MLAs have been directly provoking riots by making inflammatory statements. This is unforgivable said the president of pro-Kannada organization.

“Let the courts decide whether people will wear headscarves in schools and colleges as per the provisions of the Constitution of India. Is it right to use children to further one’s political interests while the issue is sub-judice? Rashtrakavi Ku.Vem.Pu. described Karnataka as Sarvajanaangada Shaantiya Toota (A peaceful garden of people from all religions). Ours is the land of Sharanas and Saints. Some crooked minds igniting communal tensions in the name of religions thereby making the future of people really difficult” he said in his statement.

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Looking at the happening over the past three to four days, I’m really worried about the future of the state[Karnataka]. What kind of society are we building? The seeds of hatred have been sown amongst children aged fifteen and sixteen. The effect will be dire. The state government has taken the right step by declaring three days of leave for schools and colleges. It was necessary to prevent further dangers. Schools and colleges should be started once the situation is better. He urged the government to initiate actions to silence the ones making inflammatory speeches and also against anti-social elements.


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June 2024


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