Hijab Row: Burqa Clad Student Targeted with Jai Shree Ram Slogans in Mandya

The saffron shawl students surrounded the muslim woman and started shouting Jai Shree Ram when she was entering the college.


The Hijab controversy in Karnataka doesn’t seem to be dying down and everyday videos are emerging where muslim girls are heckled and kept out of college premises in Karnataka. Today another shocking video emerged from PES college in Mandya district where a group of saffron shawl wearing students heckled and harassed a lone burka clad woman student while she was entering the college.

Today in PES college in Mandya district of Karnataka, many people sitting on the campus wearing saffron shawls targeted a student who was wearing a burqa on the college premises.

The saffron shawl students surrounded her and shouted Jai Shree Ram slogans. The girl responded with “Allah Hu Akbar”slogan.Immediately, the lecturers intervened and moved the woman student away. Yet the saffron shawl students followed her and shouted until she went to class. Later, they had argument with the lecturers.

Even at the MGM College in Udupi, a Muslim student from Burkha is surrounded by saffron shawl students. She also responded boldly to them.

The video was shared by Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad on his Twitter account and he has demanded the intervention of the High Court in this issue.

In his tweet “Girls are being heckled, bullied, humiliated & insulted by their fellow classmates, the rot runs deep! Disgusting to see what is unfolding in front of our eyes, the BJP has destroyed the moral compass even in kids. Hope the Hon. High court steps in immediately.” he said

The MGM College of Management, Udupi, has held an indefinite holiday for an emergency meeting. The governing body said, we look at the court’s decision and make the decision. Students should not come to the college until the college is notified.


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