Yogi´s Ramrajya is graveyard for Dalits: Chandrashekhar Azad

Azad is also a vocal opponent of the discriminatory citizenship amendment act and has been at the forefront of many of anti- CAA protests.

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The founder of the Bhim Army, Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan, has accused that Yogi Adityanath  UP, Rajya (Utopia) is a graveyard for Dalits. His comments had come after a few upper caste men had assaulted a group of Dalits in Lucknow, UP.

Azad has shared the video on his twitter timeline, where a group of Dalits are paraded with garland of shoes around their neck and are seen to be heckled by the crowd.

The incident is remenescent of the Una incident from Gujarat in July 2016, where seven members of a Dalit family were assaulted by a group of people in pretext of cow protection. The video of the incident was circulated on social media resulting in statewide protests in the following months.

Chandra Shekhar Azad had commented it is the 21st century, yet there are some people who still have casteist mentality and drunk on power. Bhim Army has reached the spot. Dont forget, one day we will change the government too!

The incident of the Dalit youth march in Lucknow has been widely criticized.

The video was responded to by a Twitter account called Police Commissioner Lucknow, “The PGI has informed that the police station has been indicted in this case and that necessary legal action is being taken based on the relevant facts.”

In a series of tweets, Azad warned the government of its dictatorial tendencies. He tweeted-

When governments cross the limits of dictatorship, they start to send opposition to jail. For the last couple of months, BJP has been misusing the beaurucratic apparatus to settle scores with the opposition. Out of animosity, it has put a senior leader of SP, Azam khan, along with his entire family in jail.

Most caste atrocities in India go unreported due to upper caste pressure and because most police officers also belong to upper castes.

Bhim Army that boasts of lakhs of followers in North India and whenever they receive of any news of caste atrocities in the state, their volunteers reach the spot and put pressure on the police to file the case and help the victims in getting justice.

Azad had also tweeted incidents of caste violence against the Dalits in UP, where upper castes killed a father-son duo. He warned the government to not test the patience of Dalits and end this Goondaraj.

Around 6 months ago, Bhim Army founder had declared to form a political party called Azad Samaj Party. 

The party also demanded police action against the culprits and compensation of 50 lakh rupees to the victims and their families.

Chandra Shekhar Azad also took a dig at BJP for focussing on upcoming Bihar elections instead of the pandemic. BJp has spent around 144 crores on the LED screens where the election rallies will be telecast. These LED screens will be put up in public places in Bihar.

Azad is also a vocal opponent of the discriminatory citizenship amendment act and has been at the forefront of many of anti- CAA protests.


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