Will bring back Congress in Power: DK Shivakumar takes Oath as KPCC President

'Troubleshooter' for Congress in the state, DK Shivakumar yesterday took oath as the President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.

D K Shivkumar

‘Troubleshooter’ for Congress in the state, DK Shivakumar today took oath as the President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. The oath taking ceremony or the ‘Pratigna Dina’ was viewed by millions from across 16000 places across the state. The oath taking ceremonies fell well within the Covid-19 prevention laws in place across the state.

“I will take up the KPCC Presidentship as a challenge. Though I have never been an aspirant for this position, I’m happy about the decision take by senior leaders of the state. I believe it to be my duty to undertake the responsibility that I have been entrusted with.” he said.

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Popularly known as D K Shi in Karnataka, DK Shikvkumar spoke at length at the ceremony about his journey from student politics to the present. He said- I have been involved with the movements since my student days. Having drawn inspiration from Indira Gandhi, I have made the best use of the opportunities to work with leaders right from the Taluk, District and also at State level. I have surpassed innumerable problems to be here today. Problems do exist even now. However, I will work in accordance with the party’s vision and values to usher development. He also called upon the party’s cadre to work together.

Lakhs of people have viewed today’s Oath taking ceremony. This is not a program of one man. This is a party program. The whole world has watched the program today. I’m not highly educated. We have organized the program to the extent of our understanding. We have been blessed by our party workers. This is a huge responsibility. We will live up to their trust. We will work as per the wishes of the people said DK Shivakumar.

DK Shivakumar took over as the KPCC President officially today from Dinesh Gundu Rao. Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi conveyed their wishes to DK Shivakumar over a telephonic conversation in the public event. Senior party leaders from the state including Ex-Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Mallikarjuna Kharge also have conveyed wishes to DK Shivakumar.

The large scale program is understood to be an effort of the Congress to project DK Shivakumar as a fearless and powerful leader building upon cast who is able to withstand the attacks of the BJP. The move to project DK Shivakumar can also be understood on lines of caste politics of the state as he hails from the dominant Vokkaliga caste. However, it is important to note that there seems to be some signs to rejuvenate Congress by adopting the cadre-based party model similar to the BJP.



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