Donations to Construct Ram Mandir: What Happened to the Crores of Rupees Collected Under the Leadership of Advani?

Construction of Ram Mandir is now in the news, following the Supreme Court of India’s Judgement on the two decade of Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute. Donations are being raised throughout the country for the construction of the Ram Mandir. Many are donating for this. However many are asking about the money that was collected under the leadership of Advani. 

LK Advani, a senior BJP leader, started a nationwide rally in the 1990s, collecting bricks and cash from every home. But the Rama Janmabhoomi controversy had not been settled.Finally, in 2014, the BJP included the construction of the Ram Mandir in its manifesto And won the election. The Ram Janmabhoomi controversy, however, did not see a logical end during the BJP administration between 2014-2019. So in 2019, the BJP in its manifesto proposed the construction of the Ram Mandir yet again. So in 2019, the BJP in its manifesto proposed the construction of the Ram Mandir. It said that the temple will be built in the disputed area. 

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The main question now is what happened to the money raised for the construction of the Ram Mandir 20 years ago? According to the Nirmohi Akhada which started the Ram Janmabhoomi controversy has said, “The BJP amassed over Rs 1,400 crore in the name of Ram Mandir and used it for their personal benefits. We have evidence for this. Many involved in the movement have been murdered under mysterious circumstances. It should therefore be investigated. We didn’t love Rama for money as BJP.” This is indeed a serious allegation. What happened in the days that followed was a mystery! Its video is in the following tweet.

Recently, four people in the Ram Janmabhoomi trust were arrested for alleged misuse of money. 

Whatever it is, let’s get to the current topic. Now, the BJP and the Sangh Parivar are collecting donations for the construction of the Ram Mandir. It will go on till February 17, 2021. As mentioned earlier, many are now wondering about the donations that were collected in the 90s. Many have also alleged that those who come for collecting donations for the construction of Ram Mandir do not even give the receipt. Other than this, within few months of the collection drive began, several financial mismanagement cases came to light.  

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On January 1, Congress MLA Kantilal Bhooriya made a controversial statement in this regard. He had asked “Where did the money collected by BJP leaders for the construction of the Ram Mandir go?” and had accused the BJP of collecting money in the morning and drinking in the night.” This had caused a large controversy. 

Thinker and social activist CS Dwarkanath also questioned the Hindu activists who went to his house to collect money for Ram Mandir, about the previously collected money. These activists reportedly had no idea about what Dwarkanath was talking about. 

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According to Champath Roy, secretary of the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, about Rs 100 crore has been raised for the temple until January 17, 2021. There are many examples of people being forced to donate money. People who refuse to pay are publicly abused of being anti-national.

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