Center Agrees to a Fifteen Hours Debate on Farmers’ Struggle

The farmers’ struggle against the central government has intensified. Farmers are untouched by the threats from the Narendra Modi led government. The central government on Wednesday (today) agreed to hold a continuous 15-hour parliamentary debate on the farmers’ protest.

In the past, more than 16 opposition parties had demanded for a five-hour independent debate on the farmers’ protests. However, after the President’s speech at a joint meeting on Friday, the Speaker of the House, Venkaiah Naidu, announced that there would be a discussion on the issue of farmers.  

Farmers have been protesting across the borders of Delhi for seventy days now. Post the republic day violence on January 26, 2021 in the National capital, it has become obvious that the government was not expecting the kind of backlash from the farmers of this size. It used the state machinery and the mainstream media houses to spread lies and propaganda about the protesting farmers who were called “Khalistanis”, “Terrorists” and were accused of being politically motivated. None of this has harmed the spirit of the lakhs of farmers protesting at the borders. 

This decision of the government to debate the issue comes after the budget session. The Budget for the current financial year of 2021-2022 has come under severe scrutiny by the farmers unions protesting against farm laws. Noting that these laws are a ploy to privatise agriculture sector the All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) has said, “The Union Budget 2021 exposes two main features – that the economy is in deep crisis and that the government is committed to make farmers and people pay for growth of foreign and domestic corporate. The squeeze on Peoples’ Welfare is enormous as the Government has tried to expand its role in Corporate Welfare.”



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May 2024


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