Global Celebrities and Activists Stand With the Farmers’ Protest

A number of international personalities have started commenting on the ongoing state crackdown on farmers protests, shortly after Rihanna tweeted about internet shutdown at Delhi border

A number of international personalities have started commenting on the ongoing state crackdown on farmers protests, as of yesterday. This has happened shortly after Rihanna, a pop artist, shared an article on the internet shut down taking place at protest sites in Delhi, with the caption: “Why aren’t we talking about this?!”.

Following this, well known, Sweedish climate activist, Great Thunburg posted a tweet on the protests, extending support to the movement with the hashtag, #farmersprotest. 

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Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate also started tweeting about the protests; one of her tweets includes the statement: “Environmentalists for #Farmersprotest”. 

Elizabeth Wathuti, another popular climate activist, tweeted about how green revolution and climate change affect the farmers in India, demanding that the world shouldn’t be silent about the same. 

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US Vice President Kamala Harris’s relative also commented on the situation on twitter. “It’s no coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked not even a month ago, and as we speak, the most populous democracy is under assault.”

Other celebrities and international personalities have also piped in. Social media influencer and actress, Amanda Cerny shared an image of a female protester, captioning it with the statement, “The world is watching. You don’t have to be Indian or Punjabi or South Asian to understand the issue. All you have to do is care about humanity.”

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“Lily Singh, a popular influencer known for comedic videos on Youtube, also responded to Rihanna’s tweet, mentioning how the farmers’ protests is a “humanity issue”.

John Cusack, a popular Hollywood actor also posted on twitter in support. 

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A number of politicians from the UK and the US, have expressed concern and support for the farmers’ protest on social media. Jim Costa described the situation in India as troubling and mentioned that it is being monitored.

UK MP Claudia Webb also shared a tweet, thanking Rihanna for commenting on the protests. 

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