SDPI condemns government for not giving justice to oxygen victims of Chamrajnagar

Some 37 Covid patients had lost their lives nine months ago due to lack of oxygen in government hospital


Its been nine months since the tragic incident that took place in Chamarajanagar district government Covid hospital when 32 people died due to lack of oxygen. The family members of the deceased have still not received any compensation till date.

The incident happened on the night of May 2, 2021, when the Covid patients admitted in the hospital for treatment died as the oxygen supply had run out.

SDPI State president Abdul Majeed has alleged that even after nine months of the incident, the government has not given any relief money to the families of the victims.

Speaking after participating in the meeting with the families of the victims in Mysuru, he said that the committee constituted to look into the incident, has reported that the death was caused due to lack of oxygen. The report blames the then Deputy Commissioner for his irresponsible action that caused the death.

“ But still, the government has not taken any action against any official including the DC”, he complained.

On the other hand, the single-member committee constituted by the government which was chaired by B. A. Patil has not been made public till date.

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The government has given a meager compensation to 24 families of 37 victims. Remaining 13 families have received no money so far.

Of the total 37 victims, the majority of them were from SC/ST communities and daily wage workers. The families have lost the sole bread earners. The lives of the families have shattered after their death. The families are facing enormous financial difficulties in meeting their both ends.

The government is behaving like deaf, dumb and blind even after looking at the pathetic situation of these families.

“ We have decided to meet the Governor seeking his intervention to get Rs. 50 lakh compensation to each family of each victim and government to one family member of the victims. Besides this we will also demand action against the erring persons. Our fight will continue till we get justice for the victims “, he said.

The meeting was attended by C. S. Dwarakanath, Abrar Ahmed, Alfonso Franko, Bhaskar Prasad, Afsar Kodlipet, Majid Khan and Riyaz Kadambu.


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