Centre and State Should facilitate medical students to continue education in India: HD Kumaraswamy

He said that over 20,000 Indian students studying in Ukraine are worried about their future.


Expressing concern over the future of Indian medical students who have returned from Ukraine in the middle of their studies owing to war, Former Chief Minister, H.D. Kumaraswamy has asked the Centre whether it has thought of the future of the students after bringing them back under ‘operation Ganga’?

In his series of tweets, he asked this question, where he cast doubt over the possibility of the students returning to Ukraine which is already ravaged by war.

“The educational institutions and Universities in Ukraine have already been destroyed by Russian forces. Then how it is even possible for the students to return to continue their studies”, he tweeted.

He added that around 1000 students of Karnataka and over 20,000 Indians who were studying medicine in Ukraine, have returned to India. Some of them are on their way to India. Now, what is the future of their education? “ Many parents must have borrowed loans to send their children to Ukraine for studies. Now, their education is hanging in balance because of the war”, he said.

Kumaraswamy asserted that it is the responsibility of the Centre to build the careers of the students who have returned to India because of the war. Karnataka has around 60 medical colleges. If required, then separate entrance tests can be conducted for these students for giving entry in Indian colleges. Each college should offer free education to at least ten students, he suggested.

Who is responsible for their misery of Stranded Indian Students in Ukraine?

Wondering whether it is too difficult for the BJP government of Karnataka to spend just around Rs. 100 crore for the students, out of Rs. 2.65 lakh crore budget presented by the government, he said that Centre should also bear at least half of the money required for providing education to the medical students here. “ Both governments should think about the future of students with compassion”, he noted.

“If all the students who have returned from Ukraine become doctors, then India will add a good number of doctors to its list. These doctors can save more lives in the country.” He added.

“ It is not right to commercialize the dreams of students who wish to become doctors. Both governments should take immediate steps in helping the worried students”, Kumaraswamy warned.

It may be noted that many leaders have already expressed similar views. They have urged the Centre to ensure that the careers of the medical students should not get destroyed. The Centre should make alternate arrangements for the continuation of their studies in India itself so students don’t have to go to foreign country for studies.


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July 2024


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