Frequent Tragedies in Chamrajnagar Districts: Who is Responsible?

 Amid the cry for the development, the tragic incidents and mishaps are getting reported on regular basis.

Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka is getting notorious for the frequent tragic incidents where precious lives are lost.

People of the district believe that the government has neglected the development. Amid the cry for the development, the tragic incidents and mishaps are getting reported on regular basis.

On December 14, 2018, the entire state was shocked to hear the news where 17 persons lost their life and 129 got hospitalized after they consumed Prasad at Kittugutti Maramma temple of the district. It was reported that Prasad had been poisoned out of personal enmity by one of the temple priest.

It was alleged that one of the priests of Saluru Brahanmath of Male Mahadeshwara Betta was involved in the act that killed 17 persons. The innocent people died because of the personal enmity between the members of the temple trusts. The main culprit is now in jail and the trial is underway.

COVID oxygen tragedy and labour deaths

COVID pandemic took many lives across the world but tragedy stuck in Chamrajnagar government hospital when 37 people died of lack of oxygen. It was alleged that the negligence of the district administration resulted in the death of patients who were undergoing treatment for Covid in the hospital.

While 37 persons lost their lives for no fault, the government offered relief money only to some 24 families of the victims. Some 13 families have yet to get relief amounts from the government.

Rubbing salt on the wounds, another tragedy occurred on March 4 in the district where three laborers working in the quarry died after a portion of quarry collapsed. Five persons sustained injuries in the incident.

While the bodies of three persons recovered from the debris, search was on to retrieve two more bodies. The chances of their survival is said to be very slim.

The deceased were identified as Azimulla (24), Miraj (28) and Sarfaraz (18), all from Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, the reports said.

While Azimulla and Miraj were working in earthmover operations, Sarfaraz was their assistant. The body of Azimulla which was trapped under boulders along with the vehicle, was retrieved by the members of SDRF and NDRF after a 10 hour long operation.

Since the foul smell was emitting from a nearby boulder, it was suspected that remaining bodies could be trapped there. The operation continued where the team of 70 members of NDRF and SDRF not only retrieved bodies but rescued other workers. The injured are being treated at the government hospital.

V. Somanna, the district in-charge minister visited the spot and said that he has directed the district administration to stop quarry works of the district in order to identify illegal quarries.

He said that the DC has been asked to personally visit all the quarries and check which are operating with licenses which are illegally operating.

However sources say that such incidents have become common in the district but not all are getting reported. Illegal quarrying has become rampant which is the result of the district administration and the elected representatives not taking necessary action to curb it.


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