I wish to see Hindu-Muslim live like children of same mother: Yediyurappa

Yeddiyurappa comments are seen as indirect criticism of CM Bommai continued silence over increasing number of communal incidents in Karnataka


At the time when Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai is facing flack from various quarters for his chilling silence on increasing communal incidents instigated by pro-Hindutva outfits in Karnataka, his predecessor, B. S. Yediyurappa has finally done the act which is expected from Bommai.

Reacting to the incidents of communal violence where Muslims are being targeted in the name of protesting Hindu religion, Yediyurappa has vehemently appealed to maintain peace and religious harmony in the State.

“ Just leave everything here and move forward, else the government will act sternly”, he said in warning tone pointing directly at the rightwing elements.

He was speaking to media persons on communal conflicts arising in the State, and the incident related to Nuggikeri Hanuman temple where Muslim vender’s shop destroyed by Sri Ramsene goons.

“ Hindus and Muslims should live like brothers and  children of the same mother which is my desire too. Don’t make attempts to destroy this harmony”, he cautioned.

He said that tough action would be taken against those who tried to create distress in the society in the name of religion. “ Whatever happens, at least from now onwards, try to live harmoniously and not allow disturbing situations to prevail”, he said.

Stating that CM Bommai has already issued a warning , he  said that the government will  not tolerate such incidents aimed at creating communal  disharmony.

The strong reaction of  Yediyurappa has gained more significance in the State mainly after the communal incident, one after the other taking place in Karnataka after Bommai taking charge as CM.

The controversy that started from Hijab in Udupi district has only kept intensifying where Hindu activists kept on raising similar issues.

The recent one got reported from Dharwad district where poor Muslim fruit vender’s shop of vandalized and dozens of watermelon were destroyed to Sri Ram Sene men. Roaming free without any fear of police, the men destroyed the shop only because the Muslim man was selling fruits outside a temple.

These incidents sparked off anger and many people severely criticized the Bommai government for silently supporting these communal  elements in Karnataka.

According to  political analysts, it was felt that Yediyurappa has chosen Bommai as his successor as he was his close confidant. It was said that Bommai would only be acting like a proxy CM while the entire control would be with Yediyurappa.

Many even felt that since Bommai who has come from a socialism background will ensure that communal  elements stay under control. But all the hopes dashed as he turned out to be a more aggressive follower of Hindutva than the core RSS leaders.

After Karnataka started reporting more communal incidents from Hindutva outfits, many considered that Yediyurappa was far better CM in keeping control over communal elements than Bommai who has now given complete free hand to communal elements to rule the roost.


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September 2023


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