#Modi_job_do and #Modi_rozgar_do top trends on Twitter

With a record 60 lakh tweets, it was the number one trend in India and the second-largest worldwide.


Young people across India are battling unemployment and are looking for jobs. For last two days the youth have taken to Twitter to express their feelings to the govt and PM Modi in particular who had come to power in 2014 riding on the promise of creating jobs in every district of the country.

Since last two days to make themselves heard, the youth decided to make unemployment and lack of jobs as main issues and questioned the govt about their job promises.

The hashtags: #modi_job_do, #modi_rojgar_do, give job Modi was one of the top trends on Twitter yesterday. With a record 60 lakh tweets, it was the number one trend in India and the second-largest worldwide.

The dwindling economy and govt. policies towards privatisation have led to near bankruptcy of jobs in govt sector. This has led to massive discontent among youth who in the absence of any secure employment are pushed towards a life of frustration and misery.

The Twitter trend began with the need to conduct SSC exams in a timely and transparent manner and provide employment to young people.

Narendra Modi promised to create one crore jobs a year before he becomes prime minister in 2014. Many youths have complained that Modi’s bad policies are the resason of huge job losses by private-sector employees.

Unemployment has risen in India in 45 years. Over the last few months, the push for privatization is seen even more from the BJP govt with PM Modi talking about the need for privatization at every event. But one thing that BJP and PM MOdi forgets is that govt sector is the largest employer in the country and the private sector has consistently failed in job generation over the years. Infact job losses are directly proportional to privatisation drives.


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