MEA Reacts to Global Celebrities’ Support for Farmers; Calls it ‘Sensationalist’

The statement accuses 'vested interests of trying to enforce their agenda on these protests'.

The Ministry of External Affairs has published a statement in response to various global celebrities supporting the farmers protests and talking about the human rights violations of the farmers in the movement.

The chain of celebrities started with the pop singer Rihanna, and then went to Climate Change Activists such as Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate and Jamie Margolin, and then to actors such as Amanda Cerny and Mia Khalifa.

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The MEA, in its statement, has said that the ‘reformist legislation’ was passed after a full debate and discussion. It says that ‘a very small section of farmers have reservations about these laws’, and therefore the Centre had initiated a series of talks.

The statement accuses ‘vested interests of trying to enforce their agenda on these protests’. MEA describes the events of Republic Day as having besmirched the commemoration with vandalism and violence.

The international outrage seen in the last few days has been reasoned as having been an effort of the ‘vested interests’ to ‘mobilize support against India’, apparently which were also behind the recent cases of vandalism of Gandhi Statues. The statement emphasises that the police have acted with the protestors with utmost restraint. The Ministry has ended its words by asking social media users to ascertain facts and have a ‘proper understanding’ of the issues before commenting, and has described the temptation of ‘sensationalist social media’ as neither accurate nor responsible.

The protests by farmers from across the country and especially from Punjab, Haryana, West UP and Rajasthan has been demanding the roll back of farm laws since more than two months. A fact noticeable till now was total lack of support or discussion about the farm protests anywhere else in the world. The Delhi and Haryana Government had resorted to total internet shutdowns last week at several regions of the Capital and the State respectively, which still continue to persist.


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May 2024


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