The BJP Leaders to Have Quit Party Over Farm Laws

The farmer agitations, and its effects on regional, local tensions has made many BJP leaders and members leave the party.

Credits: Kashmir Observer

The farm laws have created great discontent in the minds of farmers of several regions, which has made BJP Leaders need to have support from farmers and also to stay aligned with the BJP’s decision in contradiction to each other.

The farmer agitations, and its effects on regional, local tensions has made many BJP leaders and members leave the party.

This has been seen most prominently in Punjab. The former MLA and three-time legislator Rampal Majra quit the party two days ago, for what he understands as the failure of the Centre to control the rally. He has held the Home Ministry as responsible for the violence. On January 16, 10 Senior Punjab leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party quit and joined Shiromani Akali Dal as they were against the Farm Laws. They are Balwinder Singh (former state vice president Kisan Morcha, BJP), Sukhdev Singh Farmahi (former Mansa district president of BJP), Balkar Singh Sahota, Jagtar Singh Tari (former district president SC Morcha, BJP), Surjit Kaur (former woman morcha and president of Mansa district), Rajinder Kumar Raji, Baljit Singh Chahal, Bahadur Khan, Ravinder Kumar Sharma and Baghel Singh (BJP BC morcha member). Another seven from Faridkot district wrote a letter to senior leadership stating their decision to not participate in BJP activities until laws are withdrawn. Jaswinder Singh Bhularia, one of these leaders said to The Wire that, ‘“We are with the party. We have just lent our support to the farmers. We have said we won’t attend any function, and won’t be part of any activity involving the upcoming municipal polls in the state. All communities live and thrive because of farmers in this state.”

Three Municipal Councillors, Ravinder Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh Sukha and Ashok Sachdeva, and an ex-Personal Secretary Jaspal Sadhu to the Punjab BJP ex-Chief Kamal Sharma also resigned as protest against the farm laws in the month of December.

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Rampal Majra

However, these are some instance of a series of resignations that can effectively weaken BJP in many states. A senior party leader and a state core committee member of BJP also resigned from the party in Palghar, Maharashtra. The leader, Sachin Raut, said that agricultural laws that were being thrust on farmers are not in their interest.

Haryana BJP Leader and former MLA Balwan Singh Daulatpuria resigned from the party on January 31 while stating that the laws are anti-farmer and should be repealed immediately. In September last year, Haryana BJP leader Shyam Singh Rana had also quit the party over these laws.

Centre: Balwan Singh Daulatpuria

While so many leaders claim to say that they think the laws are anti-farmer, the questions remains such as why did they support it till now, and whether these resignations are result of local pressures instead of genuine belief.



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