I Have Been Wronged, But My Resolve Has Strengthened: Mandeep Punia

Mandeep has demanded the release of the Journalist Siddique Kappan, who has been in jail for 122 days.

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Mandeep Punia, the independent journalist, in a twitter thread has said that he feels he had been wronged by the Delhi Police, but his arrest has only strengthened his determination to continue working.

The journalist in a statement has thanked the media fraternity and activists for standing up for him.

He continued, ‘powers don’t want people to know the truth. Powers know the truth. People need to be informed accurately. Am aware that journalism is not a glamorous thing. My colleagues in India and elsewhere have faced worse.’

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Further, Mandeep has demanded the release of the Journalist Siddique Kappan, who has been in jail for 122 days under the UAPA act. He has also said that he has observed the farmers’ movement since the Day 1 and has been pained to see the way it has been maligned by the Media. He has ended his statement by saying that his search of finding the people behind the attack on the protest site at Singhu was interrupted by the arrest. Even though he has been wronged, he says, his determination to work has only been strengthened by this event.

The journalist also said this to the press briefing.

He also showed his leg, which he used to make notes inside jail for a story about the jailed farmers he says he will be sharing soon.

Mandeep Punia was arrested by the Police on the 31st January, under the pretext of his not carrying the Media ID Card and based on an allegation by a Police Personnel that he was manhandled by him. Speaking to Gauri Lankesh News, the journalist’s wife had explained that he was not even allowed a defense lawyer during his bail hearing the next day. On February 2, Mandeep Punia was finally granted bail.

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