Harender of Sewa Village Dies of Heart Attack at Singhu Border

219 farmers have died while protesting against the Farm Laws

Image courtesy: The Federal News

Today is the 77th Day of farmers’ protest at the borders of Delhi against three contentious farm laws passed by the Central Government. According to the data published in a blog  created for recording the deaths of all the farmers or supporters of Famers’ Protest, as of today (09/02/202), 219 people have died while participating in the protest. Harender from Sewa village of Panipat district died this morning due to heart attack on Singhu border.

Most of these deaths happened on Singhu border and Tikri border. Farmers who were protesting in Punjab and Haryana are also included in the list. Tikri border lies about 36 km from Singhu in the Gurugram district of Haryana, on the western border of Delhi. Tikri, like Singhu, saw a spate of deaths among the protestors. Out of 219 people who died in the protest 13 people committed suicide.

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Gauri Lankesh News had earlier reported the suicide of Karamveer on February 7, 2021, a farmer who was protesting at Tikri Border. The farmer, hailing from Singhwal Village of Jind District, was found hanging to a tree in the morning of February 7. He was found dead at a park two kilometers away from the Tikri Border.

Karamveer has left a suicide note, saying:

“Hail Bharatiya Kisan Union! My beloved farmer brothers, this Modi Government is only giving us dates. It has no idea when these black laws will be withdrawn. We will not go until and unless these laws are taken back. Thank you – Karamveer Singh Pal”.

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In fact, the deaths have triggered the establishment of makeshift medical services and clinics at the protest sites. With several farmers dying from suicide, mental health advisors and psychiatrists have been mobilized among the protesters to treat anxiety and depression. With every death, sorrow sweeps over the protesting farmers, but they are continuing to protest.


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