A Song In Solidarity With the Protesting Farmers By Oorali

Art can only grow in any country when it can breathe freedom and democracy.


Kala salam to everyone!

We Oorali, are in Delhi now. We came here to participate in farmers’ struggle. For more than 60 days Farmers are protesting at the national capital and its borders. As artists, we came here because we are concerned about the fact that some people believing in some ideologies are trying to turn this democratic country into their own.

Our nation is being sold to corporate, and they are selling our people too. When we see all of this happening in front of our eyes as artists and citizens of this nation we have a responsibility to show our dissent, because our constitution gives us the power to protest against the ruling dispensation.

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Art can only grow in any country when it can breathe freedom and democracy. Participating in this struggle is inevitable. It was in the first few weeks of farmers’ struggle we decided to participate in the protest. We were trying to understand the struggle. Like every one of you, we read, see and hear to understand this struggle. As a group of artists, we understood the relevance of coming here and being part of this struggle to understand it better. We are committed to protecting the democratic values of this country and we understand this struggle is a democratic struggle.

We came here not to support any political parties. Nobody invited us for this. We have never seen violence in any protest sites. We have seen thousands of tractors on the parade with tricolours. As artists who believe in the Indian constitution who came here in the name of peace and art, we witnessed the people who were searching for peace who hopes for the peace. As people living in Kerala, we were able to see another face of India.

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on the Republic Day, when we were part of the tractor parade on the way we heard about the unfortunate death of a farmer and after some time we heard about some people hoisting a flag on the Red fort. We were travelling according to the route given by farmers’ leaders. Only when we came back to Tikri, we came to know about what really happened.

Many people were sad about the unfortunate incident at Red Fort. We come to know from farmers’ leaders that the incident at Red fort was fully designed by the government agencies to destroy the struggle. There were only about five tractors and 200 people entered the red fort and the police didn’t stop them doing this. After this incident, the internet connections were taken down and police issued an order saying police will shoot farmers who enter the territory.

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More than lies, truth may be inducing fear in you all. Mainstream media was propagating about a revolt in Delhi. What revolt? How many people injured and how many people died in a massive march of lakhs of tractors? When we were talking to soldiers they were saying this struggle will win. They said it is necessary to win this struggle.

This country is not built by any IT cells, it is built by the struggles of crores.

” Born in one soil, One cast, one race and in this race of life, lead as one”

Oorali a  musical resistance from Kerala stand with farmers and dedicate a song in solidarity with the protesting farmers.

( The text is the transcription of the facebook live in which oorali gave a statement supporting the Farmers’ movement)



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