Gauri Media Team, Pedestrian Pictures and Other Media Houses Threatened in Tikri Border!

The Gauri Media team was there to interview these injured filmmakers.

Gauri media team
Credit: Naanu Gauri Team

Modi-Shah government is scared. A democratically elected government is scared of its own people and has been indulged in creating a cohort of its followers (aptly called devotees locally) who would carry out their dirty work. Gauri Media team which has been relentlessly covering the farmers’ movement in the borders of Delhi, bore witness to this dirty work of silencing and intimidating voices of dissent. Swati, Mamatha, Kavya and Doddipalya Narasimhamurthy of Gauri Media were present at a house in a village close to Tikri border for interviewing injured members of Pedestrian Pictures.

The Pedestrian Pictures media team had been covering the ongoing farmers’ protest, at the Tikri border, for the last twenty-five days. This team was capturing the police brutality at the border on January 26, 2021, and the police brutally assaulted Pedestrian Pictures team. This team of filmmakers were staying in a rented room in a village called Nava Gaon (Naya Gaon) near Haryana border. The Gauri Media team was there to interview these injured filmmakers. The team was then attacked by some goons who turned up with pistols in front of this house and intimidated the team members and the family.

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Swati of, narrating the incident, noted that “there was one more family net door. Five to six men barged in the room and started to threaten us. They were hurling abuses at us and asking us to hang ourselves and die. Bharat Kisan Union media members were also present with us and they tried to negotiate with these men but failed.” As the situation grew tensed a team of leaders from the Samyukta Kisan Morcha visited the site in support of the journalists and helped in rescuing them to a safe place.

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Following the conspired violence at the Red Fort on January 26, 2021, the BJP-Sangh Parivar government has fueled its propaganda machine. With the help of its lapdogs, the mainstream godi media this government is maligning the farmers’ movement. This is being done by using their trump card of nationalism, by labeling the protesting farmers and those like the Gauri Media team as anti-national elements. Today being the 59th birth anniversary of Gauri Lankesh, a late fearless voice that represented dissent, it is important to remember that, if it is the work of the Sangh fanatics to spread lies, it is the duty of every citizen to come together and stand united to expose these lies. Gauri Media team and other alternative media would fearlessly continue to do the same.



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