An Account of Threat to the Journalists at Tikri Border

Here is a peek into the strategy of this ruling dispensation to silence dissent.

Modi shah

The ongoing farmers’ movement in the Delhi borders has shaken the deep slumber of the Modi-Shah government. The government has failed to negotiate with the protesting farmers and roll back the anti-farmers laws that it has passed. It is now resorting to silence the protest. The template of this silencing mission is a familiar one- their supporters are threatening and intimidating the journalists who are covering the historic farmers’ movement.

Gauri Media Team was part of the team of journalists who were attacked by a group a Bharatiya Janata Party supporters near Tikri Border, Haryana. Gauri Media Team was at Naya Gaon in Haryana close to Tikri border interviewing the filmmakers from Pedestrian Pictures team who were brutally assaulted by the police on January 26, 2021, at Tikri Border.

Here is a peek into the strategy of this fanatic ruling dispensation to silence dissent.

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“Five to six men barged into the room and started threatening us. They were questioning us about who we were and we were doing there. They wanted to see our identification cards. Bharat Kisan Union Ugrahan media team, who has been covering the development at the Tikri border since the movement started were also present with us and tried to reason with those men. However, those men were in no mood to listen. They were shouting at the top of their voices and threatening us. They were hurling indecent abuses about our families and asked us to hang ourselves from fans and die.”

One of those men reportedly took out a steel coloured pistol and pointed it at one of the journalists. Swati, the journalist from Gauri media team recounts the incident-
“He then pointed the pistol at one of the injured Pedestrian Pictures journalist and asked them how they were injured and asked if they were also present at the Red Fort on January 26, 2021. We were really scared as it looked like he is ready to shoot as he was directly pointing towards his injured ear.”
Swati also explained that the landlord and landlady interfered and dispersed these men. All of this happened between nine and ten in the night on January 28, 2021. These men are said to be related to the family of the landlords and are most likely affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)/Bharatiya Janata Party. These men were abusing the media for showing the farmers protests.
Swati said that these men were abusing the Sikh community for making their lives difficult at the border. The media teams present there tried to reason with these men and failed. The enraged goons were accusing the media team of ignoring the so-called attacks on the police by the farmers.
She narrates, “when we said Modi had not said a word about the farmers protesting, these men got more belligerent and said, “Modi hai to sab Kuch hai” (if Modi is there anything is possible). He turned the entire narrative to the question of nation and nationalism.” Swati clarified that the family of the Landlord was extremely supportive and were ready to mobilise the entire village to provide them with security.
The incident brought us face to face with the scare tactics of BJP supported goons but also that struggle of farmers resonates with the local people as also and this is what threatens BJP-RSS combine.


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