Delhi police attack jamia students again as they march towards Parliament

Jamia students were marching to protest against NRC and CAA. They were stopped and attacked on their way to the parliament.

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Jamia Nagar in hundreds marched towards Parliament to protest against the National registry of citizens (NRC) and citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). They were stopped by the Delhi police. The police lathicharged the students injuring many.

The protesters were holding tricolor and banners and raised slogans against NRC and CAA.

A large number of the police force is deployed near Jamia after many Jamia students were stopped as they marched towards Parliament.

Police had barricaded the route, but many students moved ahead despite the barricade.

After which police started attacking the students.

According to the bystanders, the students were brutally attacked by the police in riot gear. Police did not give any warning to the students before the lathi-charge.

Injured students were admitted to nearby hospitals. Many students were still adamant to march towards the parliament despite the police action.

As per the latest report, Delhi police is not letting the ambulance carrying injured students pass through.

This is the second time that police has attacked Jamia students. Last year on 15th december 2019, police has entered and badly beaten students of jamia millia islamia university. Police had entered library and toilets and dragged students out of rooms and beaten them.

Later it was revealed that police had also resorted to firing in the area.

In their defence police said that protesters were throwing stones at them and police acted in retaliation. Delhi police action got international condemnation.

Jamia students have been protesting for more than a month on the citizenship amendment act (CAA) and the national registry of citizens (NRC)






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