Bangalore University students accuses ABVP of trying to sabotage their protest

The students were holding protest against Raichur Judge for insulting Ambedkar on Republic Day


The students of Bangalore University have complained that the members of BJP affiliated students organization, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishat (ABVP) has tried to disturb the protest being held by the University students against Raichur District Principal and Session Judge who allegedly insulted B. R. Ambedkar during the Republic Day function.

According to the students of the Bangalore University, they had called for a protest on Monday against the Judge, Mallikarjun Gowda.

At that time , the members of ABVP tried to interfere in the protest and disturb it.

The police, which was also present at the spot, prevented the ABVP students by resorting to lathi charge.

The University’s SC/ST Research and PG Students’ Federation was holding the protest at the University premises. The trouble erupted when the members of ABVP had come to the same place to hold a protest on some other issue.

Following the reports that the members of ABVP were trying to defame the protest carried out against the insult of Ambedkar, the police acted swiftly. The police resorted to lathi charge in order to prevent the situation from going out of control.

Speaking on the occasion, research student Chandru Periyar said that since the past three days, the students of the University have been holding protest against the judge. PG and research students are taking part in the protest.

“ But with the ill-intention of sabotaging the protest, the members of ABVP had come”, he charged.

The ABVP members tried to manhandle the students who were protesting against Judge Gowda. But the police, sensed the situation, prevented the ABVP members by resorting to lathi charge, he said.

Chandru said that after the police drove away ABVP members from the protesting site, they joined outside the Jnanbharati police station.

Insult to Ambedkar by Judge: Such incidents taking place because anti-democratic forces are active, says Justice Das

The police summoned some of the student’s leaders who visited the station for the inquiry.

Manoj, one the student leaders, said that the ABVP members had come demanding the University to address the issue of basic facilities at the campus. “ But in reality, their objective was to sabotage our protest which was being held for the last three days. The ABVP members had come under the pretext of marks card and hostel problems. We had told them clearly that we will have our issues resolved and they did not need any help from ABVP members. Yet, the ABVP members arrived at the spot”, Manoj said.

The students were protesting against Judge Mallikarjun Gowda who had disrespected Dr. B. R. Ambedkar during the Republic Day function in Raichur.  The organizers had kept the portrait of Ambedkar along with Mahatma Gandhi. Judge Gowda, who participated in the function, refused to pay floral tribute to the portrait. He demanded the removal of the portrait of Ambedkar. Only after the removal, he resumed the event.

Following the incidents, the protest is taking place across the State against the Judge. They are demanding action against the Judge for insulting Ambedkar.

The article was first published in our sister website. It was translated into English by Firoz Rozindar.


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