Bengaluru: Hindutva men create ruckus inside room meant for Muslim porters to offer Namaz at Railway Station

Railway officials says station has prayer rooms for porters of other religions


Bengaluru: The members of rightwing ideology have been making every effort in the State to create communal divide. As part of their communal agenda, they have now targeted the Muslim porters at Sangolli Rayanna Railway station in Bengaluru.

Yesterday several supporters of BJP and those associated with Sangh parivar barged in the rooms where Muslim porters were offering prayers and created ruckus.

Self proclaimed Hindutva activists Madhugiri Modi and Puneet Karehalli who belong to a fringe organisation Hindu Jan Jaagruthi Samiti, barged into the room and started shouting why are muslim porters offering prayers in room at railway station.

The video in this regard is now going viral in social media.

The organisation Hindu Jan Jaagruthi samithi have also submitted a memorandum to the station manager alleging that the resting rooms of workers has been converted as #Muslim place of worship. And it is a threat to national security.

All the claims of Hindutvadi elements are contrary to the situation at ground. For the last 35 years, people of all religions have been offering prayers as per their religious beliefs.

Sayed Javed, one of the functionaries of Popular Front of India (PFI) has condemned the incident and demanded action against the culprits. He said that provision has been made at railway station for the people of all religions to offer prayers. The station has temples and churches also. Even the railway officials have confirmed it.

But some pro-Hindu activists are only targeting Muslims and preventing them from offering prayers.  The members of Sangha Parivar are creating a tense situation only to disturb religious harmony.  The soft corner that the administration has towards these anti-social elements is giving encouragement to these people. The police should file charges against these elements that have illegally entered into the room and created trouble, he said.

The allegations that a mosque is being built inside the railway station premises are also baseless. The station officials have rebutted these claims. The officials said that since the station has porters of different faiths, rooms have been allotted to them to offer prayers. This permission has been given years ago i. The platform number 7 has a Hindu temple. Therefore it is completely false information that people of only one religion have been allowed to offer prayers, said the officials.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, Dalit activist B. R. Bhaskar Prasad has also condemned the incident. He said that if Hindutva goons can openly enter a religious place and can create ruckus, it is a clear testimony that the government and the police had died. The Bengaluru police should immediately arrest these goons.

He has also criticized Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai for failing to curb such incidents which are taking place frequently in the State.

Several social media users have asked what is wrong in Muslim porters offering prayers in one of the rooms of the railway station when the same station has three temples and also a church.


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