“Bang Thaalis During Mann Ki Baat” – Farmers Appeal To Citizens

Farmers are protesting against PM Modi's another attempt to mislead the nation through the one-sided monthly address to the nation

Farmers’ leaders have decided to bang thalis and pots as a means of protest against PM Modi’s weekly radio programme “Mann ki Baat”.

A senior farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal while addressing the people through their youtube channel Kisan Ekta Morcha spoke about the Government’s blindness towards the farmer’s demands and their suffering. Instead of talking directly to the farmers directly, PM Modi is repeatedly speaking on various platforms about the so-called benefits of farm laws.

It is to be noted that since the protests started PM Modi and different BJP ministers have been giving speeches on the farm laws but the six rounds of meeting with the farmer organisations could not reach any conclusion. Many farmer leaders have accused the government of buying time and misleading the public through lies about the farm laws and its purported benefits.

However, the farmers do not wish to have any such one-sided discussion, they want the government to pay attention to their demands, which is a complete repeal of the farm laws. Speaking to viewers, Jagjit Singh Dallewal said:

“On 27th December, our Hon. Prime Minister is coming to do his Mann Ki Baat once more. Our request to all citizens watching, and all the Indians watching from abroad, that instead of listening to his Mann Ki Baat, we have to display a strong protest.”

In order to resist the PM’s attempt to convince the farmers, he further urged citizens to make loud sounds using thaalis, adding that this was “the Prime Minister’s tradition” itself, that is why it had been suggested.

“Our aim is only this- that when the Prime Minister will be doing this programme, the sounds of our dhol, nagade, and thaali should echo throughout the country and drown out the voice of the Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat”

The farmers want to let the Prime Minister know that now they want him to listen to what they have to say, instead of listening to his thoughts and ideas through his Mann Ki Baat. 

Dallewal also said Modi like a dictator only wants us to hear his Mann ki Baat but doesnt not listen to our Mann ki Baat.

Farmers in Delhi had planned a Candlelight march yesterday, 26th December at 5 PM. The march took place from Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park, ITO to Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi, Rajghat.

Mann Ki Baat

Since NDA has come to power in 2014, the radio telecast called Mann ki Baat meaning ( Inner thoughts of PM) was started as a way to show that PM is connecting with people. But this connection was only one-sided because only PM Modi will be speaking his thoughts and opinions on various developments.

The programme has come under criticism many times due to its content and trivialisation of important issues plaguing the country.

PC: Youth ki Awaaz

In the month of August, while students and parents were expressing their concerns over school reopenings and offline NEET JEE exams while the COVID-19 deaths were one of the highest in India, Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address was advising citizens to adopt dogs of Indian breed, to use apps made in India like Chingaari and Step Set Go, India’s untapped potential to make toys and so on.

Time and again PM Modi and his government have shown this paternalistic attitude towards the citizenry where any attempt of dissent or protest is dismissed as the influence of outside interests or citizens being misled by opposition parties.

There are also constant attempts to infantalise the population by treating them like children. Through his addresses, PM Modi gives tasks to people which they should perform and are constantly reminded of their duties towards the government. All this while the actions and policies of Modi’s party are taking away the rights of its citizens and disenfranchising them through this carrot and stick spiel.

It is being demonstrated through the farmer protests, where different members of the BJP government, have been following PM Modi’s tactic of saying that the farmers are being misled and misinformed by the Opposition.

It is interesting to note that the Prime minister has never attended even one press conference or debate on various hastily passed amendments in his term so far.

Farmer Protests Gain Further Momentum 

Farmers from Karnataka and Nashik have also joined the protestors at the borders.

In Uttarakhand, farmers clashed with the police as they ran their tractor over a barricade set by the policemen in an attempt to block their way.

In Kerala, the farmers have begun an indefinite protest in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday in support of the protesting farmers. In Tamil Nadu, hundreds of farmers are planning to drive to Delhi on tractors by next week and also plan to educate everyone of the harmful effects of the farm laws as they pass.

The government continues to insist that the laws are beneficial to farmers.

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