Farmers should keep an open mind: HD Kumaraswamy bats for Modi

This has come has a big disappointment as many had big expectations from JDS, it being an agrarian centric party.


Since PM Narendra Modi wished former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy of the Janata Dal Secular on twitter a few days ago, speculations have been rife about JDS leader’s tilt towards BJP. Although Kumaraswamy denied the rumours but his latest tweets today in support of farm bills have added more fuel to the news of a possible merger of JDS with BJP.

Today in a series of tweets he supported the new farm laws and asked protesters to engage with centre. He also hinted that due to the ongoing farmers’ protest in Delhi outskirts against three farm legislations of the Centre have started attracting the attention of not only the country but the entire world.

HD Kumaraswamy and the JDS party, which had previously been agitating against agrarian legislation, later backed off. The BJP was also criticized in the Vidhan Sabha for the land mitigation amendment. Now, in a series of tweets, Kumaraswamy has politely taken a stand for Modi.

“Close on the heels of concern expressed by the Canadian Prime Minister, parliamentarians from the US and Britain too have expressed their concern about the episode. The farmers’ agitations have created an impression that some trouble is brewing in India. It is my sincere wish that the reputation earned by India at the international level and its image should not be dented by the new farm legislations as well as the protests against them.”- Kumaraswamy said.

He further tweeted that farmers should have an open mind towards experimenting with the new legislations and there should be proper coordination between centre and protesters.

HD Kumaraswamy tweeted that Indian agriculture is caught in a vicious cycle and such ‘experiments’ can bring welfare to this sector. 

He tagged PMO and suggested that centre should hold talks and end the stalemate with farmers. 

This U-turn by HD Kumaraswamy is not surprising as he is known to be an opportunistic politician who has compromised time and again with BJP and even ran the government with BJP alliance.

He even went so far to praise Union Minister Rajnath Singh in one the tweets saying that his words have instilled a new hope. He has also assured farmers of withdrawing the legislations.

Another NDA Ally Quit Over Farm Laws

Some days ago upon receiving birthday wishes from PM Modi he ruled out any such merger with BJP but said that BJP treats him with greater respect than the Congress.

His tweets were not taken kindly by social media as many accused him of betraying the very farmers that have voted for him. JDS party symbol is a woman farmer.


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