Another Victory for Protesting Farmers in Hansi, Haryana

Farmers have been protesting for last 14 days to get justice to Kuldeep Rana was was greviously injured when BJP MP Ram Jangra associates assaulted protesting farmers.

Protesters outside Narnaund police station in Haryana’s Hisar district. PC: Indian Express

Farmers have been fighting an uphill battle against the central government to repeal the three controversial farm laws. Today their struggle has yielded fruits with the announcement by PM Modi that the farm laws will be repealed in the upcoming parliament session.

The struggle is not only limited to the Delhi borders or Punjab and Haryana but has reached towns and districts and farmers have been fighting for their rights tooth and nail.  Central and state government has been using police force and state agencies to prevent farmers from holding protests, have lathi charged and arrested them on several occasions.

One such incident happened in Narnaund district in Hansi district of Haryana. Police have booked several farmers, including three by name, on charges of rioting and other sections of the Indian Penal Code, for allegedly breaking the windshield of Jangra’s car during his visit to a dharmshala in Narnaund.

The farmers allege that Jangra and his associates had also assaulted the farmers during the protest. Farmers have been sitting on dharna outside the Hansi SP’s office since November 8 after their talks with the administration for withdrawal of FIR against farmers remained inconclusive.

Welcome repeal of Farm Laws, 700 farmers deaths were avoidable:SKM

In response to a gherao call put out by farm unions, there was a large gathering of farmers today outside the office of the Superintendent of Police in Hansi, Haryana.

The protest is seeking to get an FIR against three protesting farmers to be withdrawn, in connection with a black flag protest on November 5th against Rajya Sabha BJP MP Ram Chander Jangra.

In that protest, farmer Kuldeep Rana was grievously injured and had to undergo two surgeries subsequently. Farmers are demanding that a case be registered instead against the BJP leader and his PSO. Mr Jangra had in media interviews called protesting farmers various kinds of derogatory and insulting names like jobless alcoholics, addicts and so on, and has not so far withdrawn his comments or apologised for the same.

Today after the struggle of 14 days, the protesting farmers were successful in getting the FIR registered. The SP has agreed to register case against the BJP MP. The govt. has promised to take care of the hospital expenses of Kuldeep Rana and a job to one person from his family.


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