Advocates For Farmers: Lawyers, Bar Associations from Punjab Join Protest Sites to Give Legal Aid

This is the helpline number where these advocates can be reached and these they will be provided with legal aid free of cost- 9876597007


In a move of solidarity and against Central government repression against farmers, Advocates from Punjab-Haryana and several districts have come to Delhi border protest sites to provide legal support to the farmers who have been missing and arrested since 26th January.

The advocate team from Punjab Haryana high court came 3 days ago and have started a helpline to help find the missing people who had come for tractor parade but havent returned to their homes.

The team had got the report of 181 missing persons from Punjab and so far have been successful in tracing 124 of them. They have been found to be arrested in different police stations in Delhi, some in Tihar jail too.

The arrested farmers have been put under serious charges like 307 (shooting with intention of murder), violation of Epidemic act (coronavirus) and sedition.

The Lawyers believe that the farmers have been arrested under such serious offences to scare the protesters and most of them are under false charges. Each farmer has been slapped with 20 sections and many of those sections are not even possible.

Advocates form Collective to Provide Free Legal Assistance to Journalists and Farmers part of Farmers’ Agitations

Many of these arrested people have been missing since 26th and their families are looking for them since then. The legal team is in touch with the families and have also set up helpine number through which they can be contacted. The legal team is also in constant touch with the families and giving them updates about the case.

The legal team of 150 lawyers has been assigned by Samyukt kisan Morcha(SKM). They are collecting information on the cases and giving to their head so that many of these false charges can be cancelled and in other cases if possible bail can be applied. They are also trying to help them have meeting with their families as soon as possible.

These advocates were also joined by 60 advocates from Mansa district Bar Association. They have come to express solidarity with the farmers who are fighting since last 70 days against the three black farm laws. They have also come to help the innocent youth who have been put under false cases and thrown in jails without any information to their familes.

This is the helpline number where these advocates can be reached and these they will be provided with legal aid free of cost- 9876597007


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June 2024


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