Yuva Kisan Diwas: Youth Stand With Farmers

A large delegation of protestors from South India reached the Singhu Border on the Yuva Kisan Diwas, after being in Shahjahanpur and Ghazipur the previous two days.

To recognise and extend support to the contribution of youth to the agriculture sector as well as to the ongoing farmers’ movement, February 26, 2021 was marked as “Yuva Kisan Diwas”. Every stage at the protest sites was managed by youth in the movement and speakers were also young men and women. The event exposed the lies and false propaganda of ‘godi media’ that youth are not part of the ongoing movement. 

A large delegation of protestors from South India reached the Singhu Border on the Yuva Kisan Diwas, after being in Shahjahanpur and Ghazipur the previous two days. Speaking from the Singhu Border stage, they reiterated that farmers in the entire country are united in this struggle. They also pointed out that the lie that the government wants to propagate that this struggle is limited to a few states stands exposed. Protestors from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana emphasised the importance of guaranteeing MSP to all farmers, and that the 3 farm laws were indeed a death warrant for all farmers. 

The day began with shraddhanjali paid to an 18-year old martyr of the movement, Navjot Singh. He passed away this morning at Singhu Border. The impassioned speech of Baba Hardeep Singh, grandfather of (Late) Navrit Singh from Uttarakhand who was martyred in police firing on Republic Day emphasised that the only way to victory is through continuous struggle. The youth on the stage vowed that they will make the movement a success and that they will not let the sacrifice of many martyrs go waste.

Youth raised the issues of employment and shared about the online campaign being run for jobs for youth. Increasing unemployment and privatisation of education were key issues raised by speakers today. They said that the government is orchestrating policies to displace youth from agriculture and villages, and turn them into cheap labour for urban India, and that this is unacceptable to them. 

The event bore witness to a vibrant cultural program. Young singer Romi Ghamana released a song on “andolanjeevis”. 

Youth described the Modi government not just as anti-farmer, but anti-youth and anti-students.

At Sunehra Jiraheda Border also, youth managed the stage with full energy and enthusiasm. They said that they will be fully involved in ensuring that the dignity of farmers is protected in the ongoing movement, which has also been made into a struggle for Farmers’ dignity and honour by the government. Many leaders and youth associated with Mewati Kisan Morcha took part in this event. 

Mahapanchayats to Continue

The impressive series of Mahapanchayats are continuing in Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, Nizamabad in Telangana, Karauli and Toda Bhim in Rajasthan etc., on February 25, 2021 it was in places like Sampurnanagar (Lakhimpur Khedi district) in UP, and Padampur and Gharsana (Sriganganagar district) in Rajasthan on February 26, 2021. On Yuva Kisan Diwas that was marked by SKM throughout India yesterday, there was participation from Muzaffarpur in Bihar. This event witnessed the participation of senior leadership of farmers as well as activists of Sangharsh Vahini set up by Jai Prakash Narayan. It was decided, to create more awareness, three to four large Mahapanchayats will be organised in the state of Bihar in the coming days. 

SKM congratulates the people of Haryana for being alert and ensuring that the program of Minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar had to be cancelled in Sirsa. Earlier (24th February), in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, protesting farmers encircled and occupied the surroundings of the bungalow of Union Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar. 

Samyukt Kisan Morcha welcomed the orders of Punjab & Haryana High Court to release Nodeep Kaur on bail. She fought for Kisan Mazdoor unity and lent strength to the movements. It is known that along with Nodeep, her colleague Shiv Kumar had also been arrested by the police. The recently released medical report of Shiv Kumar proves custodial torture that he had to undergo and SKM condemns this strongly. We demand his immediate unconditional release.



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