WTO, IMF and World Bank are the Culprits of Current Economic Policies- BKU leader

It is no longer just a farmers' struggle, but now it has become a mass agitation.


On Thursday, 11 Feb 2021, a mega Kisan Maha Panchayat was organised in Jagraon, Punjab. The Maha Panchayat drew 30,000 people from different farmers’ organizations, displaying total unity among them. “The real culprits of these new economic policies are the World Trade Organization (WTO), the IMF and the World Bank,” speaking at the mahapanchayat Joginder Singh Ugrahan, president of BKU told the people.

Addressing the mahapanchayat, SKM leaders Manjit Dhaner (BKU-Ekta Dakaunda), Kulwant Singh Sandhu (Jamhoori Kisan Sabha) and Harinder Singh Lakhowal (BKU-Lakhowal) committed themselves to battle the Modi government until the final outcome of the issue of farm laws is reached.

With their trucks, tractor trollies, cars, farmers and people from many other walks of life thronged the mandi ground. SUVs, buses and vans, parked wherever a vacant space around the venue was available.

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The rally drew an approximate audience of 25,000 to 30,000 people.

Speaking at the mahapanchayat Manjit Dhaner said, “It is no longer just a farmers’ struggle, but now it has become a mass agitation. 99 per cent of people stand by farmers in the continuing uprising, but sadly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opted to side with corporate houses.”

He said Rakesh Tikait of BKU had given the fight a new lease of life.

Joginder Singh Ugrahan, president of BKU (Ekta-Ugrahan), urged farmers and individuals to be prepared for a long-drawn fight because “the battle is not just against Modi or the NDA government.”

“The real culprits of these new economic policies are the World Trade Organization (WTO), the IMF and the World Bank, who have gone out to grab the bread from the hungry people’s mouths and turn the farmers into paupers,” said Ugrahan.

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He said that if the three farm acts are imposed, more than 80 per cent of farmers would lose their land to corporate and big business houses, especially those with smallholdings.

SKM leaders have warned people and protesting farmers against all political leaders’ sinister efforts to hijack the uprising of farmers for their own political interests.

“The struggle was not launched by any political party, but by farmers, farmworkers and the common people, for their survival and to stop the onslaught of corporations and big business,” they said.

Rajewal Balbir Singh Rajewal, Senior Leader of the SKM and Chief of the BKU, was the keynote speaker at the rally. He said that not only most states but the entire global community is witnessing the uprising of farmers and the Modi government’s repressive action against peacefully protesting farmers is being discussed worldwide.

He added that for the “first time in history, as many as 40 farmers’ groups have come to fight for their rights on a single platform.”

Rajewal said the grit and courage displayed by farmers camping on the borders of Delhi shook the Modi government to such an extent that it was now trying to find a “face-saving formula to wriggle out of the mess that it had created by enacting three farm laws.”

Rajewal said the farmers would take a candle and torchlight march on February 14, in memory of the martyrs of the Pulwama attack, February 16 would be observed as ‘kisan-mazdoor day’ in memory of Sir Chhotu Ram, and a 4-hour rail roko protest will be held on February 18, announcing the decisions taken by SKM for the next phase of agitation.

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