‘Is India a Packet of Kurkure that We Will Just Break it?’: Kanhaiya Kumar Joins Purnea’s Mahapanchayat

"Now people of West UP, Punjab and Haryana have risen against this government, but no movement will happen until Bihar and East UP rise. Only then can Modi be rooted out of power."

Kanhaiya Kumar attended the Mahapanchayat at Purnea, Bihar yesterday. The Mahapanchayat was held as a protest and show of strength against the farm laws, as has been happening in many places such as West UP, Haryana, Rajasthan, and now Bihar too.

It has been felt by many that the Begusarai’s MP Candidate in 2019 has not really been active and vocal in politics after his defeat, even though many protests and movements have occurred subsequently to it. This has been one of the few of his public speeches after it.

Kanhaiya Kumar in his speech has emphasized about seeing these protests – be it CAA-NRC, Students’ Protests, Farm Laws protests – as not simply just about themselves, but about protecting the larger welfare of Indian masses and the Constitution.

He has said that he now receives many messages of people from Punjab, UP, apologizing for believing in Media which used to call him ‘anti-national’. Hitting out at the BJP, he has said, “In a village, when landlords seek to seize the land of a widow, they first show that her character is wrong, try to assassinate it, and only then seize the land. After they make everyone believe, only then is her land seized. This same has happened to JNU, and to these protests. They call us “anti-nationals”. Is India a packet of Kurkure that we will just break it?”

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He has then talked about the farm laws, and has said “Through Essential Commodities Act, the government is legalizing Black Marketing. There are many western companies which have an eye on India’s agriculture, and this law is the way for them to enter. Farmers just demand the Government to make a law regarding MSP, but it won’t, why? Because then Modiji will get anger from Ambani, who also owns all the media, and they will stop talking well about him.” He has further said, “This law was passed on Sunday in Rajya Sabha, within two days Reliance Retail had sold shares worth Rs. 50000 Crores. Does everyone see the link that is there now?”

Kumar also said, “If there will be BSNL, then Jio won’t profit, if there will be public schools, then the private school will not be able to grab your collar and make you pay for the fees. We have to understand this. It is important for public assets to not be sold because the ensure the rights of people and their welfare. At one hand they are privatizing all of these for their cronies, on the other they want you to fight by creating Hindu-Muslim issues. Now people of West UP, Punjab and Haryana have risen against this government, but no movement will happen until Bihar and East UP rise. Only then can Modi be rooted out of power. We fought against forced Indigo plantations too, and we will fight even now.”

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May 2024


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