Workers Strike is a historic success & joined by 25 crore workers

Workers and farmers also expressed solidarity for each other.

workers protest
Trade union activists and leaders gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest. Courtesy: Worker's Unity

In a historic moment, on 26th November, more than 25 crore workers and employees participated in the general strike, according to a joint statement issued by ten central trade unions.

Workers across the country responded in great force to the call of the central trade unions, independent organisations and the federation to protest against the anti-worker and anti-national policies of the central government.

At the Jantar Mantar intersection in Delhi, leaders of central labor unions Ashok Singh (INTUC), Amarjeet Kaur (AITUC), Harbhajan Singh (HMS), Tapan Sen (CITU), RK Sharma (AI Actu), Lata Bin (Seva), Santosh Rai (Actu), JP Singh, LPF Shatru Jeet Singh etc. lodged resistance with hundreds of their workers.

The leaders said that the general strike called on 26 November was an unprecedented success.

Workers and farmers also expressed solidarity for each other. The leading farmer’s organisation, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) extended its utmost support to the demands of the workers. Workers also expressed their solidarity and support for the ressistance movement against the recently passed anti-farmer laws. 

workers protest
Trade union activists and leaders gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest. Courtesy: Worker’s Unity

The statement said:

Strikes and demonstrations were organized in rural areas across the country. Farmers and labourers have struggled shoulder to shoulder in response to the attacks on the workers and peasants of the country by the bjp Government. it is following the footsteps of the British rule and defying of the Constitution,

This struggle is taking place so that the rights of workers and peasants can be protected by constitutional rights.

In this strike, workers across the country, scheme workers, electricity workers, construction workers, workers in rural and urban India protested against police restrictions.

In many parts of the country, workers formed human chains. There have been reports of mass protests and human chains in Mumbai, Pune and Maharashtra.

Auto and taxi drivers across the country kept the road closed on the road. However, the railways and employees organized their own installations and demonstrations in support of the strike. The strike has been reported in the strike of Central and State Government employees.

workers protest
People protested in large numbers against the anti-farmer, anti-worker bills. On behalf of the Central Trade Union, National Secretary of ACTU Dr. Kamal Usri, Avinash Mishra from CITU and many other people from other organizations expressed their strong resistance. Hundreds of people, including Sonu Yadav, Pradeep Obama, joined the students and young people. Courtesy: Puneet, Worker’s Unity

There is a complete strike notice in the SECL coal mines of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Coal workers of BCCL, CCL and CMPDI have participated in a massive strike in Jharkhand, the impact of which is being reported across the state. BALCO in Chattisgarh has also reported a 100% strike which has been extremely successful.

Both permanent and contract workers of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant in the steel sector went on full strike. This has affected many various public sector steel industries.

The states of Kerala, Odisha and Pondicherry saw complete shutdowns. 13 districts of Tamil Nadu also remained completely closed, with large strikes and protests in industrial areas.

According to information received from the state of Punjab and Haryana, the Transport Corporation bus service is down.

Telecom sector employees and the rural postal workers were also fully involved in the strike.

In Haryana, many reports of the Government arresting farmer leaders who were part of the Dilli Chalo march came forward. Nevertheless, farmers are continuing their protests. According to Workers Unity, workers will stand with the farmers, and the Government of India will be compelled to stop their attacks on the two, or they will be removed from the throne.

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