What is the problem if girls wish to cover head with cloth, asks writer Devanuru Mahadeva

He drew the attention of students towards several burning issues of the country like millions being pushed towards abject poverty due to govt. policies

head scarf

During his interview with a Kannada news channel, Veteran Kannada writer, Devanuru Mahadeva has raised objections over the development taking place in Karnataka in the name of Head scarf.

Some vested interests are working behind the entire Hijab episode, he said.

“ There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Hijab along with the uniform. Why create controversy over it”, he asked.

He felt that the issue has now become a matter of prestige and leading to hatred for a particular community.

“ We have seen women of different faiths use stole to cover their head. Then why oppose Muslim girls covering their head with a cloth”, the eminent writer said.

The case is now before the Court and solution should be found to it as quickly as possible, till then there will be a sword hanging over the head.

He opined that the innocent students should not be dragged into religious politics which will create hatred among the students.

Open letter to Karnataka HC on misinterpretation of interim order on Hijab

When the anchor asked whether it is right to wear Hijab inside the classrooms, Mahadev said that the girls may be wearing Hijab to keep their hair turning uneven with the wind. Why make this simple matter big.

“ If you leave the matter, the issue will slowly die down in the coming days. But if you oppose it, many girls who don’t wear Hijab, may start wearing it as a mark of protest”, he noted.

Drawing attention of the students towards several burning issues of the country, the writer said that the middle class people are rapidly being pushed toward poverty. The poor people are being forced towards hunger. “ Is this not the job of students to think about these critical issues”, he asked.

He said that on the one hand, poverty is affecting the society like a plague, on the other, the wealth of the country is fast going into the hands of some capitalists.

While common people were losing their earnings during the pandemic and due to demonetization, the rich people became richer. How did this happen?, he asked.

The students should ask these questions to the society.

The economists are suggesting to impose higher tax to wealthy capitalists and use the money for improving educational and health standards of the country.

“ But instead of adding more tax, the government has slashed the taxes of wealthy people. When the government comes to the rescue of wealthy people, it does not help the poor farmers. The government does not wish to waive the loan borrowed by farmers. The students should ask why this discrimination”, he said.


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April 2024


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