Violation of Child rights with regard to Hijab row: Shimoga reporter admitted mistake

The reporters were summoned before the Child Welfare Committee and were educated on the law and warned not to repeat mistake


Several media channels that are reporting on the ongoing Hijab controversy, are now facing strong criticism for being insensitive in reporting and in violation of the rights of the children.

One of the incidents that took place in Shimoga recently where the journalist chased a muslim girl student to capture the picture. The video that become viral has attracted the anger of the people.

Following the incident, the District Child Welfare Committee of Shimoga had issued notices to some of the media channels.

According to the sources, the journalists who appeared before the committee, have admitted their mistake and given that in writing.

The Committee which has been constituted to advocate for the interest of the children, took severe exception to the reportage of the children in connection with the Hijab issue. It reportedly called a section of reporters to educate them about the law.

The committee had written a letter to the Department of Information and Public Relation on February 17 where it had asked the department to take necessary action for the appearance of the select reports before the committee.

Considering the video being shown in the social media about the Hijab issue, it is clear that the incident is in violation of the rights of the children. The letter had asked the chief of bureau of the media house, reporters and the camera persons to appear before the committee.

Open letter to Karnataka HC on misinterpretation of interim order on Hijab

“ The incident was reported across the state. The Hijab issue has led to confusion among the students fraternity.  Some of  the media houses violate the rights of the children with their insensible reporting. The Committee has taken note of the video being circulated on social media. The report has been generating mental agony for the children. This is clearly against the rights of children as per section 75 of Child Rights Act 2015. Some of the news channels have even telecast the incident live from Shimoga”, the committee said.

The video clips were telecast on Suvarna News, TV9, Digvijay TV, Power TV, News First, Public TV and Btv Kannada news channels.

“ Since it is a matter of urgent concern, the heads of these channels, reporters and camera persons were asked to appear before the committee. Since the committee did not have address or the contract numbers of the persons, therefore the message was passed on to the Department of Information to convey about the notice to the persons concerned”, the letter said. The committee wanted them to appear before it on February 18, at 11:00 am.

Meanwhile, one of the reporters who did not wish to be identified, confirmed to that the reporters concerned met the committee members. They have also admitted their mistake and given that in writing.

Speaking to this portal, Shivamogga district child welfare committee president, G. M. Rekha said that they have instructed the media persons not to report in a manner that violates the rights of the children.

“ Some of the reporters are new and may not be aware of the rights of the children and the laws related to it. They were called to educate them about the law so that they do not repeat the mistake in future”, she said.

“ After violating the law, no one can say before the judge that they are not aware of the law”, she said, adding that all those who were served notices were present.

“ We have told the media persons not to pose questions to the students whether they need Hijab or education. This is not an appropriate question to be asked. Already the schooling of the students have been adversely affected because of the Covid pandemic. In such a situation, if more hurdles are created, then the students will get deprived of the education. Since children are the future of our country, therefore we should be serious and sensitive in matters related to children”, she said.

She said that despite prohibitory orders being imposed, several media channels had gone to schools and colleges. The committee has educated them about it. “ We have explained to them about every law made in the interest of children at international level and also Indian laws related to the children. If the media persons want, then we are ready to hold awareness programmes for them about laws related to children’s protection. The incident has taken place because of the lack of knowledge which may put them in legal trouble in coming days. We explained these things to the reporters”, she said.

She said that the committee has given strong warning to the media channels not to repeat the mistake, else stern action would be taken against them.


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