Uttar Pradesh: Shrouds From Dead Bodies Are being Removed in Prayagraj

The move has brought criticism from all quarters with many saying it is being done as a cover-up adding to the long list of such measures taken by the state government.

Image Source: Reuters

Its been over twelve days that reports of floating bodies in the river Ganga are doing the rounds. This was followed by news of more than two thousand dead bodies found buried on the banks of Ganga river in many cities of Uttar Pradesh.

The pictures brought shock and surprise at not just the number of deaths but the manner of disposing of the dead. Since then reports have been coming that the local administration in these districts is trying to cover up the floating dead bodies and the shallow graves that have continued to appear by burying them using JCB.

A series of pictures showing hundreds of dead bodies covered in saffron shrouds on the riverbank in Prayagraj gained significant media attention after Reuters posted drone footage of the same. The coverage was responded with a huge public outcry about the worsening conditions in the state after which the state authorities buried the dead bodies that had surfaced after rains.

After these reports, the state government had announced monetary support for the families who were unable to afford the cost of cremation. Along with that several police patrol teams have been made to guard the ghats and river banks in several districts to prevent the locals from abandoning or cremating dead bodies in the river.

Recently a new video has been doing rounds on social media where several people can be seen removing the saffron and yellow shrouds from the shallow graves in the Shringverpur Ghat in Prayagraj. The Hindu has reported that cleaners have been deployed by the city administration to remove the coloured shrouds as well as bamboo sticks that are used to demarcate the graves.

The move has brought criticism from all quarters with many saying it is being done as a cover-up adding to the long list of such measures taken by the state government.

However, the officials of the city have claimed that only the shrouds which had flown away and scarred on the banks were being removed in order to clean the place, The Hindu reported.

On May 25, in response to the allegations of a cover-up made against the authorities through news reports and on social media platforms, a probe has been ordered into the matter by Bhanu Chandra Goswami, the District Magistrate of Prayagraj.

The order by the authorities has called the issue sensitive and serious and formed a two-member committee of the Additional District Magistrate (Prayagraj) and ASP (Gangapur) to probe the issue and accordingly actions will be taken against those found guilty.

Earlier the Yogi government in two worst-hit cities in the state, Lucknow, and Gorakhpur had prohibited photography on the cremation grounds and even built temporary tin walls to prevent journalists and onlookers from reporting the over-burdened cremation sites.

The BJP led state government has been criticized heavily for not only its acute mismanagement of the health crisis but also for its authoritarian measures against those who raised questions of oxygen shortage or the official figures of COVID-related deaths.


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