US Afghanistan Policy Heavily Criticised by World Leaders

World leaders have called US withdrawal as cowardice and unforgivable. Many European leaders have questioned NATO actions and US existence as a so called world leader.

Image: Reuters

Two young Afghan men falling to death from an American Air Force airplane while trying to escape from the now Taliban ruled Afghanistan are representative of the panic and despair among the masses in Afghanistan as US forces conveniently get withdrawn of the country by the White House ruler without any security in place for the Afghans.

Even though the Biden administration in a fashion similar to previous regimes continues to defend its policy in Afghanistan irrespective of its consequences for the local Afghans, the country’s two-decade-long war in the South Asian nation and the recent withdrawal without offering any material accountability to people of Afghanistan has come under heavy criticism by world leaders.

Czech President Milos Zeman Zeman in an interview published by on Tuesday said that NATO had failed in Afghanistan and its legitimacy was in question and added that NATO’s main role was to fight global terrorism, but the alliance has failed at that task now.

“The distrust towards NATO from a number of member countries will grow after this experience, because they will say – if you failed in Afghanistan, where is a guarantee that you won’t fail in any other critical situation?” the President said.

Czech President further described the US withdrawal as cowardice and an evergrowing question mark at U.S. existence as a so-called world leader, TeleSUR reported.

On Monday former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt said “It has been rather catastrophic. It has been a long-term commitment for 20 years to make a better Afghanistan.”

He called the US decision “unforgivable,” and questioned the move for its “the lack of preparation, and the fact that one or the other knew what was going to happen.”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday said that the ease with which the Taliban was able to dismantle the US-backed Afghanistan government and capture power in the country has put a blot on the West’s efforts.

For almost two decades the German military forces were deployed in Afghanistan as part of the US-led occupation that started post-September 11, 2001 attacks.

“The failure of the years-long efforts to build a stable and viable society in Afghanistan raises fundamental questions for the past and future of our foreign policy and military engagement,” he said.

Currently, the nation has put a hold on development aid to the South Asian nation which is now being ruled by the Taliban.

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