Udupi: Devotees Ignore Right Wing Outfit call to Boycott Muslim Traders around Temple

Right wing outfits put their stalls inside the temple premises and charges double the amount for the items needed for the Jatra.

Udupi: The annual temple Jatra of Hosa Marigudi at Kapu in Udupi district emerged as shining example of overcoming the threats of rightwing outfits by doing business with the Muslims traders during the annual festival.

The festival which ended recently, had witnessed some controversy after the members of BJP supported rightwing members placed a banner outside the temple asking the Hindus not to purchase any items from Muslims stall owners during the festival.

The members had made efforts to create communal  divide and disturb the harmony,  but the devotees who had come for the Jatra, did not care about them and did business with the Muslims.

On the contrary, complaints  were heard from the devotees that the members of Sangha Pariwar who had kept their stalls near the temple  premises, were selling the materials at a higher cost.

During the festival, as part of annual ritual, the Muslim men played the shehnai.

According to the reports, the members of Sangha Pariwar had pressured the temple committee and Town Municipal Council not to allow Muslims traders to put up stalls during the Jatra.

Fearing any trouble from Sangha Pariwar if they do not obey, the temple committee did not allow Muslims to do business in the temple premises. However the TMC chief officer had made it clear that since India is a secular nation, no such instructions can be given to  prevent people of a particular community from doing business.

But since the committee had not given permission to Muslims to put up stalls at the temple premises, no Muslims had stalls. However, they had put up stalls outside the temple premises in the public area. The devotees had no issues with the Muslims as they purchased items from them.

But the members of rightwing who had set up stalls near the temple, charge higher price for their materials, said some locals.

Speaking to gaurilankeshnews.com, a local journalist said that for the annual ritual of the temple, flowers and chicken are essential parts.

“ The members of Rightwing tried to create communal disturbance and made profit out of it by selling these two important items at higher price. Some locals have complained about this cheating to the temple committee”,  he said.

“ When I had been to the temple for offering Pooja, I noticed the members of Sangha Pariwar were selling a chicken for Rs. 400/kg, while the same chicken was being sold at Rs. 250/kg by Muslim traders outside the temple premises. Even for skinning the chicken, the Sanghis were taking Rs. 50 while Muslims did not take any additional money for that”, he said.

Though the Sanghis tried to provoke devotees by urging them not to do business with Muslims, devotees did not care, the journalist said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that it was the Muslims who played the traditional shehnai for two days during the Jatra. For generations, it has been a tradition of Muslims during the annual religious event at various temples of Kapu.

Jaleel Sahab, one of the Muslims who has been playing shehnai for years, told gaurilankeshnews.com that the Muslims have been participating in the ritual for generations. “ Ours is over a thousand years of tradition. Our ancestors have been doing this for decades. This year too we did that and nobody stopped us”, he said.

It may be noted that rituals at the temples could not be performed for the last two years due to Covid pandemic. In the past, Muslims were allowed to put up their stalls inside the temple premises.


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April 2024


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