Trade Unions in Gurgaon Gave A Memorandum To the President Against the Atrocities on Farmers

The Trade Union Council of the Industrial Sector in Gurgaon has strongly criticized the atrocities on farmers.


The Trade Union Council of the Industrial Sector in Gurgaon has strongly criticized the atrocities on farmers. The Council submitted the memorandum to the President at Gurgaon Sub Secretariat.

Trade Unions have said that the fact that UP Police, Delhi Police, Paramilitary Force, BJP MLAs and cadres came and threatened to get the site forcibly evicted was condemnable and intolerable. The memorandum has said that on January 29, 2021 at 2:30 the government made the local goondas enter into the site of peacefully protesting farmers and created a ruckus by pelting stones at the farmers. The Trade Unions have criticized this action and have demanded the immediate repeal of three farm laws.

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The organisations have further demanded a law to be created which will legalize MSP, the false cases flouted on farmer leaders to be repealed, to stop the privatization, globalization and liberalization policies. They have also demanded a compensation to the families of dead farmers, and for the farmers to be considered as Martyrs.

On this occasion, the president of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, Chaudhary Santok Kumar, Convenor Rao Kamal Veer, Ramnivas Pawar, Jayaprakash, and on behalf of Trade Union Councils, Anil Pawar of  All India Trade Union Council (AITUC), Kawar Lal Yadav Situ, Balwan Singh of All India United Trade Union Council (AIUTUC), SN Dahiya  Indian National Trade Union Council (INTUC), Usha Sarohan, Rajendra Saroha, Swarna Kumar, Ajit Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Mohinder Kapoor etc. from Balsonica Union, Birju Pradhan of FCC Union, Satish Chandra, Satish Gujjar Emkay, Naresh Kumar Kaparo, Sandeep Kumar Munjal Showa, Naresh Kumar Hema Union, Naresh Napino Union, Dil Singar Yadav, Shiv Kumar, Raj Bahadur, Surendra etc. expressed their agreement and sent the memorandum to President.


This article was originally published on Workers’ Unity and has been subsequently translated in Hindi by Ananya Kumar.



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