Thousands of Medical Workers hold Protests in Paris

Europe has been hit with similar strikes in Spain and United Kingdom, in recent months amid a cost-of-living crisis.


‘We take care of you. Take care of us’: Thousands of French medical workers protested in Paris for better working conditions and increased salaries.

Thousands of doctors on Saturday take to the streets in Paris to protest against unfavorable working conditions.

In the video published on social media, French medical staff in Chartres city showed their protest by placing their stethoscopes on the ground.

It was previously reported that French doctors are planning to demonstrate in Paris on January 5 amid nationwide strikes.

Doctors, who started their strike on Dec. 26, will continue their strike action through Jan. 8 to demand better working conditions and the revalorization of their rates. Other healthcare workers’ groups may also protest in solidarity with the doctors, the reports added.

A similar walkout took place earlier last month.

The French healthcare system is facing an unprecedented crisis. Last summer, medical workers staged a nationwide strike, demanding higher wages and denouncing the healthcare policies adopted by the government.

The fight with the government for better wages comes as France has been grappling with rising inflation amid worsening economic conditions.

Similar strikes have also hit other European countries, including the Spain and United Kingdom, in recent months amid a cost-of-living crisis.

On 25th October, Doctors and nurses join thousands of protesters in Madrid to call for more resources for the public health system, improved working conditions for professionals and increased funding.

Largest Nursing Strike in NHS History in UK

On 20th Dec, UK saw 10,000 Nurses on strike in England, Wales and Northern Ireland when ministers refused to reopen pay talks. This was followed by the biggest Ambulance Walkout in 30 Years.

London: World’s 2nd Busiest Airport Hit with New Year Strikes 

On December 15th, 400 ground handlers brought London Heathrow airport to a grinding halt when they put their tools down for 72 hour period on New Year’s Day.

UK has been grappling with a wave of strikes across its economy, including rail workers, nurses and doctors, postal staff and border officers.


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