The Poll Manifesto of the Survivors of Sexual Trafficking in West Bengal

'Survivors should not be stigmatized from any sphere of life and offenders should not be supported.'

Image courtesy: Bandhan Mukti Collective

Survivors of sexual trafficking in West Bengal released a poll manifesto. The manifesto was released by Bandhan Mukti which is a movement of the victims of trafficking. According to the report in the New Indian Express the Manifesto demands for a safer Bengal for women. The manifesto seeking a strong response mechanism to combat trafficking in the state. 

The 2019 National Crime Records Bureau data shows a total of 6,616  victims were trafficked across India. Among them, 2,914 were children and 3,702 adults. West Bengal reported the second-highest number of children being trafficked at 8205. Kolkata and South 24 Parganas accounted for 60 per cent burden of the total cases. 

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Bandhan Mukti in their manifesto observed, ‘The second phase of the 2021 Assembly elections is almost over. We, the leaders of BandhanMukti compiled a manifesto, where our demands are listed. We submitted this charter of demands to all political candidates who are fighting for a seat in the  constituencies of South 24 Parganas. We do not believe in political colours.  No matter who wins we expect him to listen to our voices, and take up the fight against human trafficking, child abuse and other forms of social violence. Good governance is the key to social change. Let democracy and social justice prevail.’ 

The demands are listed as follows:

  • Listen to us.
  • Take strong action to combat violence against children and women and human trafficking.
  • Strengthening the Anti Human Trafficking Unit and process of interstate investigation for conviction.
  • Proper implementation of laws and smooth process of victim compensation.
  • Community-based rehabilitation services and livelihood opportunities and support to Survivors’ SHGs
  • Safe Migration so that people don’t get trafficked.
  • Stop drop out of children and child labour.
  • Stringent punishment of offenders.
  • No Child Exploitation, Education for ALL.
  • Education of children from the level of schools on issues of Gender-Based Violence.
  • Survivors should not be stigmatized from any sphere of life and offenders should not be supported.
  • Accountability and equity from the part of the duty bearers.

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