The New India: I hate, therefore I am

Welcome to the New India

Modi Bhakt

Dear fellow supermen and women of new India! I have discovered another blunder of western philosophy that has sapped all our manliness and made us into a nation of idlers. Despite some well-intentioned leaders trying to make us true Bharatiya Purush, the rulers of the past 70 years never wanted the true character of this nation to flourish, so they propagated western philosophy. But the time has come to lift the veil of ignorance and let the nation realise its pure and pristine form.

Coming to the point, the western philosopher Descartes argued that the act of thinking is proof of the existence of human beings. Obviously, he was wrong. We have proved this beyond doubt. Not every human being thinks. Our purest deshbhakts don’t engage in this totally anti-national activity. Thinking is equal to sedition in their universe that is fast transforming into the only universe of the country. Yet the deshbhakts exist.

Thinking is fast becoming an outmoded activity. Why do you want to think? What is the purpose of thinking when the very minutest of details of one’s life has been already determined with absolute precision by some supernatural power. Rule of dharma makes the act of thinking superfluous. You have to think only when there is any doubt or dilemma. 

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Gandhiji had a jantar to resolve dilemma. He said that whenever your face doubt or dilemma regarding what action to take, think of the weakest person you have ever seen and think if your action can benefit him or not. That was to resolve dilemma.

Now, we have a new jantar. Of course, the rule of thumb is to not have any dilemma at all in the first place. However, given the 70 years of misrule, it will take some time for the nation to get rid of all its dilemmas and doubts. So, for the time being, whenever you have any dilemma or doubt, just think of any of the three divine matas – gau mata, bharat mata or ganga mata – is your action going to benefit any of these holy mothers? If not, the action is pure adharma

thinking manThis is the way to get rid of the vice of thinking. Rousseau had said that thinking man is a depraved animal. He was correct despite being a westerner (you see, we make allowance for some of them, for example, your guess!). That is absolutely true. The act of thinking is a perversion. It’s a sickness that the nation should get rid of as soon as possible. 

Thinking makes people doubtful of the pure ideas of pure deshbhakts. They start doubting the action of the great natural leaders of the country. They start questioning the glorious history of the nation. They start doubting the time tested social institutions like caste and dowry and supremacy of the husband. They start breaking the culture of India, our family values, morals. Etc etc. 

Thinking is a threat to the nation and its infinite glory. 

How can you think when soldiers are dying on the border?

How can you think when gau bhakts are mocked in their own holy land?

How dare you think when the supreme leader is not even having a night of proper sleep for the nation?

So, the act of thinking as proof of existence is disproved as not only false but even dangerous. What is the fundamental proof of existence then? Well, I have discovered this proof after a long tapasya. 

I hate, therefore I exist. 

Yes. Hatred is the real proof of existence of a human being. 

A true bharatiya purush and stree is one who hates Muslims, Dalits, women, Pakistan, beef-eaters, seculars, socialists, communists, reservations, Nehru etc. etc. at any cost and in any circumstance. He hates the body and all its manifestations and desires. He hates people in love. He hates women in charge of themselves. He hates the shudras and lowly people commanding higher positions, studying in universities. He hates any talk of human rights. He hates protests except when they are for nationalist causes like defending a rapist or murderers targeting Muslims. 

Thinking can be the proof of the existence of lower beings of the western world, but for those born of Brahma’s mouth in the sacred land of bharatvarsha, hatred is the fundamental proof of existence. Those who don’t hate are not human.

So, fellow countrymen and women! It’s time to redeem our essence now. Let’s hate and prove that we exist.


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