Mahadayi river dispute: Governor turns a deaf ear towards farmers from North Karnataka

As of today, it's been 3 days that the farmers are protesting at the Majestic railway station even when it is raining.

North Karnataka farmers protest

Governor of Karnataka has turned deaf ears to farmers of North-Karnataka who are on indefinite strike in the premises of Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station, Bangaluru, urging water from Mahadayi river.

As of today, it’s been 3 days that the farmers are protesting at the Majestic railway station even when it is raining.

The Governor of Karnataka has not turned to the farmers to receive their memorandum pertaining to the water of Mahadayi. If this situation continues, the protest would go beyond control, farmers cautioned.

Farmers both men and women who are on strike, came from various parts of North-Karnataka, through Hubballi, under the banner of “Bengaluru Chalo’ expressed their anger that the Governor is deaf to their demands and has not showed up or sent any representative even on the #3rd day of their protest.

Due to rain, most of the farmers fell ill and are admitted to Victoria and K.C. General Hospital for their treatment.

“On Gandhian philosophy, we are on strike. But, Government is not understanding it. If anything happens to farmers, Government will be responsible for the cause’, farmers warned.

Deputy CM Govind Karajol came and requested to call off the protest. But, farmers did not agree. They urged to take them to Governor’s Office, as they do not have faith in the Government.

Farmers are urging that Government has to publish its notification on the Mahadayi-Kalasa Bandoori project. Farmers are demanding that the Governor has to interfere and settle the problem by putting pressure on the Central Government. If not, problems of North-Karnataka, particularly, Mahadayi water issue would remain forever, farmers urged.

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