Tear These Farm Laws Away: A Conversation with a Farmer’s Daughter

Adani and Ambani haven’t made any machine in which we could insert money and get food.

Credits: India Today

Protestors at Palwal are determined to stay at the site until these laws are rolled back. The district has become a site of resolute resistance, even more so after the Republic Day, but hasn’t been talked about much. Here, Tabassum Chauhan, a protestor and a farmer’s daughter from Gujarat at Palwal talks about the Farm Laws, Farming, Adani-Ambani, and the Modi Government.

I am Tabassum Chauhan, and I am from Surat, Gujarat, but I have been sitting here at Dharna because I am a farmer’s daughter. And when the country’s farmers aren’t safe then how will the country be? From what all has been done, by looking at Modi’s strategy to work in the interests of Adani and Ambani, I would say that these two made good SIM Cards and mobile phones. But they haven’t made any machine in which we could insert money and get food. The one who grows the crops remains the farmer. Soil eats and decomposes everything you put in it, be it metal, paper. But it is the farmer which has the ability to put seeds and get trees and crops out of the soil. Only farmer has the knowledge of soil of different types and regions and that which crops can be grown in them. The ones who have no knowledge about farming are the seniors and the ‘Agricultural Ministers’. Modi is also doing Mann Ki Baat but won’t listen to ours.

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I have come here so that I can tell that a farmer is not small, not middle class. If this farmer doesn’t do farming then you won’t get food to eat. The food that you eat in Gold Plates is made by Farmers. So while respecting the food you also should respect the farmer. Farmers has been sitting here since weeks and months, leaving there villages and families back. But he is not being listened. The Government still says that scope for talks is still open, but hasn’t that been happening since months? Has any solution come out of that? Please tear these three laws and throw them in dustbin. I have come so far for the support of this.


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May 2024


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