Syed Issac: the Kannada Lover Reconstructs the burnt Open Library

His library was burnt last year, government offered site, but since construction getting delay, Isaq used donated money to reestablish library

Syed Issac

We all might have read the story of the burning down of the private library of Kannada lover, Sayed Issac of Mysuru.Some drunken guy had lit up the library by mistake while he was trying to smoke Beedi in April last year.

After that incident, many people had stepped forward to offer help Isaac for reestablishing his library which had set up for people where he was offering books for free to read.

People had showered praises over Isaac for his great admiration for Kannada.

Several media houses had carried the news about him. Elected representatives also visited his library and assured all possible help to reset the library.

One of the persons called Misba Faten has launched a fundraising act to collect money in order to donate to Isaac for the library. But after the Government announced to take the responsibility of setting the library, Rs. 29 lakh donated money was returned.

Isaac had been running the library on a site reportedly belonging to some NGO since 2011. The officials had assured him that the site will be taken away from the NGO and will be given to Isaacfor the library. The site was also allotted but the construction of the library was delayed.

When Isaac realized that the construction was getting late as promised by the administration, Isaac did not wait further and decided to start construction with the money donated by the people.

“ Though the site was indeed allotted but the construction was getting delayed inordinately. I thought it would be too late if I waited further for the government to construct the library. Thus, I decided to take the money donated by some philanthropists to set up the library. Since I could not construct a full-fledged library with the little money, I made a shed-like house to restart the library”, he said.

He said that he began keeping hundreds of books he had received from the donors. Isaac had been saying that a Kannada library was needed in the Rajivnagar area of Mysuru where majority of Urdu speaking people live.

“ Now, my dream has come true in this way at least as I have a library having hundreds of Kannada books”, he said.

Speaking to, Isaac said that I have constructed the library with the money of people. MLA Zamir Ahmed Khan had donated Rs. 2 lakh, MP, Pratap Simha had given Rs. 50,000, Minister, S. T. Somashekhar had given Rs. 25,000 and other people had given as per their capacity.  “ The total donated money was about Rs. 3.45 lakh. The total money spent on the reconstruction of the library is around Rs. 4 lakh. Though I wanted to install CCTV, but since I could not manage more money, I am happy at least with this”, he said.

Isaac plans to officially open the library on Republic Day with local children.

“ I had six plastic chairs, two of them have broken, so I’m planning to purchase some for new chairs. If I am unable to arrange it, then I will use cement bricks as chairs”, he replied humbly.

Isaac said that though the government has not got the library constructed, he is grateful at least for offering the site. The library has taken some shape.

Money paid to Library department: Corporation Commissioner

In the past when gaurilankeshnews team had contacted the City Corporation Commissioner, Lakshmikant Reddy to know the reason for the delay in construction of the library, he had said it was the job of the Library Department.

He had claimed that the Corporation had already handed over money collected as Library Cess to the Library Department.

But when contacted B. Manjunath, the Deputy Director of Mysuru Central Library, he claimed that they have not received any funds from the Corporation.

“ The City Corporation has to pay Rs. 20 crore to us but it has not given money so far. We are finding difficulty in managing our own accounts so how can we spend money for the construction of the library of Isaac”, he said.

He said that the department needs at least Rs. 3 to 4 crore for the ongoing construction work of the library at People’s Park library of Mysuru city.

Manjunath said that a project report was prepared to construct the library of Isaac at an estimated cost of Rs. 35 lakh. He said that if the Corporation gives at least Rs. 20 lakh, then work can be started. A  letter in this regard has already been written to the Corporation.

Meanwhile, without getting bothered much for the construction of the library from the government, Isaq took the initiative to start it on his own.

Since he had received thousands of books from the donor, he could not keep that at home for too long. Thus he has now got a simple library set up where he has kept the books.

He however said that as he needs more furniture, he is hoping to receive them from  donors. Those interest to donate, can contact him on 99012 66487


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