#SuspendBabitaPhogat trends on twitter as a reaction to Phogat’s Islamophobic tweet

Babita Phogat joins a long list of celebrities who are spreading hate and inciting violence against vulnerable groups

Babita Phogat

Babita Phogat is an Indian Common Wealth Gold medalist wrestler. She joined BJP in August 2019 ahead of Lok Sabha Elections later and contested the Haryana assembly election on BJP ticket in 2019 but lost. She has been very vocal on Twitter and regularly tweets against Muslims and “anti-nationals” demanding that “they should be sent to Pakistan”.

Since the Tablighi conference came into news and rise in number of cases blamed on the conference, its been a riot for Modi Bhakts. Its their chance to show their Islamophobia in full display.

Babita Phogat also jumped into the Bhakt stream and put some hateful tweets against Muslims.


On 2nd of April, Babita tweeted “It might have spread because of bats there but here it has spread because of ‘ignorant pigs’ #NizamuddinIdiots” Phogat was referring to Muslims in her tweet

This tweet was taken down by twitter. But this did not stop Phogat’s Islamophobia. On 15th of April Phogat tweeted “Coronavirus is India’s second-biggest problem. Ignorant Jamati’s are still at number one. #jahiljamati.”

After this tweet #SuspendBabitaphogat started trending on Twitter. Many people came to twitter calling out her Islamophobic tweet and asking twitter to suspend her account.

On Friday Babita Phogat put out a video in which she says she is not scared of the trolls and will not sit quietly, I am the real Babita Phogat. She says she wrote about those who spread the virus and will not stop speaking the truth. She also said if Tablighi Jamaat had not happened then the lockdown would have been lifted and coronavirus would have left the country. Clearly this counts for fake news and hate-mongering and she joins a long list of BJP supporters who are hell-bent on blaming the outbreak on the Tablighi Jamaat instead of the government. Who initiated the lockdown only 50 days after the first case of the virus was reported.

This comes a day after Rangoli Chandel’s twitter was suspended for her islamophobic tweets. Babita Phogat had lent support to Chandel for her “honesty”. She tweeted. “Today Rangoli Chandel didi stepped on someone’s tail. These days twitter is also scared of those who write the truth. #RangoliChandel”




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April 2024


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