To the attention of: – Ms. Corinne Vargha, Director of the ILO International Labour Standards.

Department Subject: Protest of the WFTU on the authoritarianism of the BJP government of India and its treatment of the farmers. 

Dear Sirs, Madams, 

The World Federation of Trade Unions kindly brings to your attention the week-lasting cruel attitude of the Indian government and the authoritarian treatment of the farmers who are demanding the repeal of the three Farm Acts. 

The farmers’ struggle is lasting for more than 70 days with hundreds of thousands of farmers continuously camping at the borders of the national capital Delhi, while several other protests and demonstrations are taking place all over India. The government of India Instead of ensuring effective consultations- bargaining, securing the right of association in the agriculture sector and the right to organize for the farmers and rural workers for the defense of their rights (based on the ratified ILO conventions C011, C098, C141, C144,) it treats the farmers as enemy across the borders.

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The World Federation of Trade Unions strongly condemns the cruel repression of the just struggle of Indian farmers and denounces the utilization of provocative acts, the defamation, and the inhuman measures of Delhi police to cut down water and electricity, ban on internet and even deprive the farmers access to toilets and sanitation facilities.

As the world militant trade union movement, we demand the immediate ending of all unacceptable practices in which Delhi police has resorted on the pretext of maintaining law and order. We support the struggles of Indian farmers and we call upon the India government to condescend the just demands of those who feed the country’s people. 

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We call on the ILO and the International Organizations to take immediate action and concrete measures on the above topic, for the ensuring of the effective consultation of farmers and government, as well as the ending of the violation and the respect of the fundamental rights of farmers as they result from the ILO conventions, the constitution and laws of India.


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February 2024


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