SKM Condemns BJP dirty tactics to disrupt peaceful Farmer Protests

According to protestors, this instigation from BJP-RSS workers has been going on for several days at the Ghazipur border. 


BJP workers are farmers clashed at Ghazipur border on Wednesday afternoon. It was reported that BJP workers raised slogans near the stage of the Ghazipur protest site that led to scuffle between the two sides.

Farmers organisations have condemned this provocative behaviour of BJP-RSS goons to instigate protesting farmers at Ghazipur Border and dirty tactics of the party to disrupt peaceful protests by farmers. According to protestors, this instigation from BJP-RSS workers has been going on for several days at the Ghazipur border.

What happened at the Ghazipur border protest site?

According to protestors and onlookers, under the pretext of welcoming a BJP leader Amit Valmiki, several BJP-RSS workers and supporters came into the Ghazipur Border, UP Gate protest site and went close to the morcha stage. They also raised slogans against the farmers’ movement. They raised slogans against protesting farmers calling them “gaddar”, “anti national”, “khalistanis” and “terrorists”. The BJP goons also indulged in stone-pelting onto the morcha stage. There was absolutely no justification to welcoming the BJP leader at this location, and it was done only to instigate a clash with the protesting farmers, police in tow, in a time-testing BJP-RSS tactic. They moved aggressively towards the stage, threatened to cross over the divider. Farmers objected to the same, and confronted them with black flags. Farmers insisted on the BJP workers leaving the place. Police remained mute spectators throughout.

In the ensuing clash, at least 5 farmers were injured. Samyukta Kisan Morcha has strongly condemned these tactics of BJP and called them out for creating discord among people and dividing people on caste and religion lines. These dirty tactics of BJP-RSS are well-known and farmers will resist the same strongly.

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SKM demands that the officials who allowed this “welcoming of the BJP leader” at this particular site, hardly 50 meters from the SKM stage should be identified and punished. The allegations of weapons being found, and vehicles being damaged are obviously, political diversionary tactics. A complaint has been lodged by the protesting farmers at the local police station.

Yesterday, Haryana Chief Minister ML Khattar also made highly denigrating statements against the farmers’ movement. He stated that the ongoing protests “have tarnished the word Kisan, that dignity of women is being taken away, that murders are happening and roads being blocked”.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha has also condemned these statements from the Chief Minister of a state government. SKM says- “It is clear that this is an orchestrated effort by BJP-RSS to attack, defame and disrupt the protests; they are fearful of the ever-increasing strength of the farmers’ movement. These are ugly, undignified tactics and will not succeed.”

Hool Kranti Diwas observed at Delhi borders. The farmers at protest sites were joined by Adivasi farmers from Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. On Hool Kranti Diwas protesting farmers remembered and paid respect to the resistance and sacrifice of adivasis in India’s independence struggle, and for a just and equitable land tenure system.


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May 2024


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