Farmer Leaders met With Uddhav Thackeray to pass Resolution against 3 farm Laws

Farmer leaders pressed the Maharashtra Chief Minister for an Assembly resolution in the upcoming State Legislature session on July 5th


In Maharashtra, several farmer leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha and All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee met with the Chief Minister of the state yesterday. They pressed for an Assembly resolution in the upcoming State Legislature session on July 5th, that will insist on the Centre repealing the 3 black acts and for a statute on MSP guarantee for farmers.

The delegation also met with the Deputy Chief Minister and other Ministers. The delegation also sought for amendments in the state APMC Act of Maharashtra in a manner that farmers’ interests are protected. The delegation said that such amendments should be finalised only after widespread consultations after due democratic processes.

In Kerala, in continuation of the June 26th ‘Save Agriculture, Save Democracy Day’ program, a delegation of farmer leaders met with the Governor there and handed over a memorandum addressed to the President of India.

Increasing Support for farmers Protests from common public

More farmers are reaching the protest sites at Singhu Border and Tikri Border too. 200 quintals of wheat has been donated by local Haryana farmers from Danoda and the same is being brought to Singhu Border, once again showcasing the local support that the farmers’ movement has. A contingent of farmers associated with AIKKMS also has reached Singhu Border from Haryana today, to join in the Hool Kranti Diwas.

In Haryana, the Legislative Assembly Speaker Gyanchand Gupta had to cancel a meeting in Barwala, owing to the black flag protests by farmers against his program arranged in Rattewali village. Farmers started gathering in large numbers and stood waiting in protest, and the BJP leader’s program was cancelled.

Farmers elsewhere are agitating for different basic issues. Punjab farmers for regular electricity supply, farmers in Uttar Pradesh for payments due to them for wheat and sugarcane sales they made, farmers in other states seeking paddy procurement, Telangana jowar farmers asking for compensation etc.


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