Rahul Gandhi led Tractor Rally In Wayanad in Favour of Protesting Farmers

K.C. Venugopal MP, senior district leaders, and others attended the rally along with Rahul Gandhi.


Rahul Gandhi led a tractor rally in Wayanad in favour of farmers demonstrating against agricultural legislation. Rahul Gandhi himself was driving a tractor 3 km from Mandad to Muttil. K.C. Venugopal MP, senior district leaders, and others attended the rally along with Rahul Gandhi. Seventy tractors lined up for the rally reported by azhimukham a Malayalam online news portal.

Though the world sees the suffering of farmers in India, our government alone does not realize the pain of farmers. Controversial agrarian legislation was implemented to ruin the agriculture sector of the country and to loot the agricultural sector for two or three of Modi’s friends.

Addressing a meeting organized after the rally, Mr Gandhi said that agriculture is the only business belonging to “Bharat Mata” and called on the people to “force” the government to take back three farm laws brought by the BJP-led Central Government.

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Rahul Gandhi pointed out that the buffer zone had been declared in Wayanad and other areas on the recommendation of the government of Kerala and demanded that the government of Kerala take the initiative to change this.

The visit of Rahul to his Wayanad constituency is ongoing.

Rahul, who arrived in Kerala yesterday evening, began his electoral visit this morning. Rahul Gandhi met PS Jeena, a native of Wayanad, and  Captain of the Indian women’s basketball team.

Rahul Gandhi presented a gift to Anjali Bhaskaran, the first vet from the Paniya Community. Rahul also interacted with the Sisters of the Kalpetta CMC Convent.

Rahul also met a 93-year-old grandma on his way to Meppadi.

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